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£7.50 / year(s)






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Why do I have to pay to be registered?

This fee is to prevent people from applying on impulse because they found the form on the web site and then not remembering they had done so when a dog was offered to them. It also ensures that anyone searching for a dog to use as fight bait or breeding is deterred. This fee covers the costs involved in processing your applications without taking any money away from the dogs that need it.


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Number of ratings: 31
Average rating: 4.9
from Marilyn Parker on 10/07/2020
Just very helpful, makes you feel at ease, and the site is very good
First class
from Barry Green on 09/07/2020
A very fair admin fee to register your interest and help these great people do the work they do, the whole process was dealt with professionally and promptly.
Very very good
from Philip Borland on 08/07/2020
the £7.50 fee is worth every penny but i think you should be able to adopt a dog from any of the bulldog rescue centres in the UK if u can travel to them as it would give you more of a chance of adopting dog not many dogs come up for rehoming were I stay
Very Good easy to apply and to get involved
from Neil Brawn on 09/06/2020
Straight forward a great way if covering costs and getting adopters to commit would highly recommend
Excellent and very well detailed
from Darren Chenery on 08/06/2020
The questions raised are very appropriate and will definitely weed out those that are not serious about adopting a bulldog. We already own one and are looking for a friend to accompany him in his latter years. The application covered this request. In my opinion the fee could be higher and the web page a tad easier to navigate through (although my IT skills are not the best!).
from Leighton on 30/05/2020
detailed and informative reports regarding the animals. Great
Price! Webpage isn’t the most intuitive
Very Good
from Tim Essex on 27/05/2020
Firstly a great way to help subsidise the great work you do. Secondly shows a commitment from the potential adopter that they are happy to work with looking for the right fit for the family circumstances, rather than rushing into a decision. Sadly nothing available for us at present, but we're happy too wait.
from Nigel Bennett on 22/05/2020
A great way to get people who are serious about adopting involved, the form was user friendly and comprehensive. The fee was minimal and worth every penny to help out the dogs. Fingers crossed we can give one of the dogs a forever home soon. Thank you for all of your hard work!
very reasonable fee would have paid more
from John Riches on 10/05/2020
Realy great
from natascha on 01/05/2020
Very person response and fast, especially considering the current climate.
No issues filling in the adoption form & paying fee
from Christine Dryden on 03/04/2020
No issues paying a fee as you do a great job
Excellent! I love what you are doing and especially the care, seriousness and sense of duty to the dogs that you do it with! It’s great to see how much you look after these bulldogs.
from Maria Zubizarreta on 07/03/2020
Excellent. Staff was super helpful, responsive and caring.
They replied to my emails very quickly and were very helpful.
Again, it’s great to see the seriousness and care they do this with.
I will continue to support Bulldog rescue from now on. I’m so happy to have found you!!
from Stuart fowler on 02/03/2020
Its a great way to stop the people out there who just want to make a gain for themselves. Its a very fair fee for the chance to change a bullies life for the better.
from Natalie Kay on 23/02/2020
I think an admin fee is a great idea. Anything that helps fund organisations like this to responsibly rescue and rehome dogs.
from Stuart Caldwell on 08/02/2020
Great way to deter people looking to gain from adopting and the fact that the money goes towards the care of the dogs. Can't wait to give one of these beautiful dogs a home.
Good Idea
from Katharine Williams on 17/01/2020
I think that the fee is a good idea as it will put people off who aren't serious about adopting.
5 Star Process
from Katie Thackery on 18/12/2019
Really informative & detailed application process. The fee is reasonable for this request but I would be more than happy to pay more. Really value the updates. Looking forward to being successfully matched :)
from Devon Goldstone on 16/12/2019
Great, would like more feedback on the progress of my application though. Also I would like access to the forums
Its a good product as for a good cause
from Dom on 01/12/2019
It has been ok, found two bulldogs that I feel im suitable for but now jusy waiting for the rehoming team to contact me.
from Dee Halil on 14/11/2019
The requested donation fee of £7.50 is very reasonable in my opinion. I am very happy to pay this amount as I know its going to help in the care of the dogs that are in the rescue centre.
from mark royl on 13/11/2019
its great having a joining/admin fee as it enables the charity to earn some funds whilst weedling out seriously interested people.
from Gail Greaves on 07/11/2019
from Kerry Foster on 07/11/2019
Good that once fee is paid then you can see more info on dog. Disappointed that we seem to be penalised as their never seems to be a bulldog in our area , dogs are allocated to those closest to them. We have a small window in which we can Rehome and settle a dog (see application form) once this window has gone then we will ha e to rethink
from Jacqui lumsdon on 04/11/2019
We are looking to adopt a Bull Dog this has been a great experience lots of contact with lots of options
Very Good
from Claire |Curtis on 27/10/2019
Very fair
from Vicki on 23/09/2019
I think it is good way of supporting bulldog rescue but also making sure you are getting people who are generally interested in adoption by having the fee . I will happily keep paying the fee untill I am lucky anoth to be able to adopt .The updates you receive are also very good
Very informative
from Susan Hutchings on 18/09/2019
I have only registered last week but the website is very informative and I have bee receiving updates which is very helpful.
5 Stars
from Helen Quarmby on 09/09/2019
I'm very new to this website but agree a joining fee is an excellent idea. It makes you think before joining.
Very good!
from Marc jones on 23/08/2019
Me and my parents adopted a bulldog from you 11 years ago, now I’ve moved into my home I want to give the same opportunity I gave Lola all that time ago. It was such a pleasure and life changing experience I’ve come back to you
5 star
from Greta Folley on 23/08/2019
We thought the site was very good
from Hayley on 15/08/2019
We thought the site was very good and keeping out fingers crossed to hear if we have been successful with either George or reggie.
We hope to hear from you soon