How to Apply for a Dog on our Web Site

How to Apply for a Dog on our Web Site

First you must be sure you are registered. To see how to do that click HERE

Once registered and approved you can then start applying to bulldogs on our web site

From any page on our web site, select the >Adopt A Bulldog link and select Bulldogs Looking for new Homes


Select your area (if you are unsure of what your area is use the drop down box by typing in the first 2 letters of your postcode)

Click on the dog that you want to know more about

The dog's full write up will be displayed

To apply for this dog click on the APPLY HERE Link at the top of the page

And select the link that matches your registration area

You will then be asked to Sign in

If you get this, you have used the wrong link, go back and select the correct one

The correct link will take you to the application form

Complete the form and click the Submit button at the bottom

You will be directed to a thank you page

And your request will also be confirmed by email

Now you need to wait for a decision to be made, this can take a couple of weeks depending on how many dogs we have in our system and which priority the dog has.

Thank you for your support - and good luck