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>About us

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Information about the main kennel at Midhurst

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Information about our Trustees and Staff

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Information about Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming the charity


October 2018 will mark 40 years since the UK gained an official Bulldog Rescue. Find out how it all began

The Story Behind the Logo

Ever wondered who the dog in the Logo is? His name was Sid.

Neutering Policy

Bulldog Rescue have a more scientific approach to the spaying and castrations of our bulldogs

40 YEARS OF A BULLDOG RESCUE IN THE UKBulldog Rescue has been in it's current form since April 2001 and is made up of 4 staff members and approximately 80 volunteers. It is goverened by a board of trustees and managed by a team of five made up of 3 staff members and 2 trustees

We offer a Rescue and Rehoming service for pure bred bulldogs across the UK, who, for whatever reason cannot stay where they are. Our aim is to always do our best for every bulldog we are asked to help. We will subsequently stand by him for the rest of his life, offering support, education and advice to his new owners whenever it is required.

Only a few bulldogs end up in rescue because they have been abused, mis-treated or abandoned, the majority of bulldogs looking for a second chance are simply victims of circumstance – ie: divorce, new baby or a change in the family situation. All the owner wants is a good pet home and by using our rehoming service they are going some way to ensure the new home is the right home first time. Homes are selected on a system of area and suitability from our extensive waiting list of people across the country, in most cases we are able to work within the dog’s own area and find a home that matches his criteria.

Adoption fees, fund raising and donations are our only means of funding – every bulldog that simply needs a good home will help us to pay for those that require veterinary treatment, transportation or fostering. Our adoption fees are nominal – regardless of how much we had to spend on the dog before we could rehomed it.

Everything is coordinated from one central point and thanks to our dedicated team of volunteers across the UK we can act quickly if necessary, home check potential new homes and supply short stay foster care where required.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about Bulldog Rescue and what we do or visit our web site

Our Aim:

  • To promote responsible dog ownership amongst those that own a pure bred bulldog
  • To ensure that all those who can no longer keep their bulldog, for whatever reason, have the option of safely placing their dog in a vetted pet home.
  • To ensure a place of safety is available to all bulldogs who’s owners can no longer cope or look after their dog properly
  • To be available to offer unbiased breed advice to all those that own a pure bred bulldog
  • To educate bulldog owners in the hope that bulldogs in the future can be free from cruelty, abuse and neglect

Bulldog Rescue operate to a strict Policy which is reviewed annually

There has been an official bulldog rescue since October 1978, but references to a rehoming service can be traced much further back to the late 1960s.

Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming has been in its current form since April 2001 and registered as a charity since 2006, it helps approximately 200 bulldogs every year - not just by offering a rescue and rehoming service but we also offer many other avenues of help to Bulldog owners across mainland UK:


Bulldog Rescue offer a wide variety of services to help everyone that loves Bulldogs:

  • A Rehoming Service for owners that would otherwise use selling sites giving the opportunity to keep their dog at home whilst a new home is found
  • A Rescue Service for Bulldogs in Need across mainland UK, including strays and dogs that require medical attention
  • A Bulldog Clinic manned by a qualified Animal Health Advisor (C-SQP) offering breed friendly advice and veterinary products
  • Behaviour advise for any one that owns a pure bred bulldog who needs help or just wants to know “why does my bulldog do that”
  • Several breeder services including the opportunity to advertise a litter providing you meet our very strict criteria. And the chance to register pups that you would like to have back should they find their way into our care in the future
  • Help reunite dogs that are lost or stolen with their rightful owners
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