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I think I am almost recovered from the Bulldog Picnic and the new venue seemed to go down very well with our visitors who seemed to have preferred Lodsworth to our old Lavant ground, the village seemed to like us too so win win and back there next year (already booked!!)

It's been a bit of an "undercover boss" type week for me this week as both Deva and Ellie are on their holibobs the kennel cover fell to me. It's been ages since I was last out on the shop floor and although knackered (don't get any ideas girls - I couldn't do this every day at my age) it's been quite a lot of fun cleaning kennels before work and then walking them all during my lunch break. I'm not saying the place is perfect - in fact poor Ellie will have quite a bit of stuff to catch up on when she's back on Monday but getting down and dirty with the inmates ears, eyes and orifices was just what I needed to remind myself why I do this job. It's such a constant round of paperwork, snotty phone calls and persistent admin for me now that a little reminder of why I get up every day was just what the doctor ordered.
PS: I've changed a few things - sorry Ellie - I do have a habit of doing that LOL

We recently completed our Association of Dog's and Cats Home membership Self Assessment against Minimum Standards forms and I'm thrilled to report our kennels at Midhurst came out with 100% compliance, I still beleive we should be licensed though as one of my big worries with the new breeding laws is that third party sellers will now simply say they are rescues.

The breeding law changes are causing quite a stir though amongst the general public and breeders in particular. We ran a survey on our facebook page:

From the 20% that didn't agree the overwhelming comment was

It would appear that councils though, still have no idea what they need to do - we will be watching this one ....

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