A Week In Rescue: 26 May 2019

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A Week In Rescue: 26 May 2019


Well we started this week totally knackered after yet another fantastic Bulldog Ride Out to the kennels here at Midhurst. 215 Scooters and almost £1800.00 raised. The support this event brings, not just from the scooter scene but the locals who come out to watch the spectular event and see the hundreds of scooters arrive. It's such a friendly atmosphere and so many ask us in the build up when it's going to be so they can make sure they are in, or get their grand kids over to see it. We have some fabulous neighbours really that​ support us so well. The bikes were once again fantastic and the amazing smell of two stroke - not sure there is anything better to be honest.

You can watch them arrive here:

The dogs enjoy the day too, but deep in our hearts we knew it was going to be one of their last weekends. Nelly, who we have been trying to hard to get through her heart illness. Taking on more and more fluid each day despite her diurectics being as high as we dare go without deydrating her had clearly had enough by Wednesday of this week

In all my years I have seen plenty of dogs build up fluid due to a heart condition, but I have never seen it collect under the chin like this. We thought initially it was her lymph nodes but weeks later, with ultra sounds, xrays, samples and blood tests it became clear the problem was with the heart - sadly the medication hasn't helped.

Initially I was really upset that she was going to die with us and that she'd not had chance to find anyone else, but then it dawned on me - she didn't want anyone else? Her family were forced into letting her go and never wanted to be apart from her and Nelly clearly felt the same way so once her ashes are back with us she will be going home to where she always belonged and we can take comfort from the fact that we did our best to love her and see her through this when it was impossible for her family to deal with it. Rule 3: "Rescue doesn't necessarily mean Rehoming"

Carrie made sure she had the best day on Thursday and Friday she pigged out on Wotsits before making her final journey. I must say seeing her relaxed like that for the first time in weeks really hit home how badly this poor baby was suffering. Run free Nelly, you will be going home soon.

As if this wasn't upsetting enough, the day finally came this week to put Trevor the Tornado on the web site. So much talk of me keeping him but to be honest I'm not what he needs and a kennel life is definately not what he wants. However, if you are thinking of applying for him I'm going to need your inside leg measurment and just about every personal peice of information you couldn't possibly think of. He's the most amazing happy dog you could ever ask to meet, but he's destructive too so please excuse us if we start asking you to jump through rings of fire. You can apply for him here but think long and hard about it first please.

Finally, if you are looking for something to do this bank holiday weekend, pop over to Essex for the Tattoo event being held for BDR. You can find out more about there here:

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