A Week in Rescue: 28 July 2019

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A Week in Rescue: 28 July 2019

An interesting week in what was yet another scorching hot few days, so hot in fact that the dogs here didn't get their usual walk which I must admit didn't go down very well but we have to be sensible when the heat reaches 30 degrees. Thank fully by Friday it was cooler and come Saturday Carrie and Star were walking the dogs in the rain. Star is my 7 year old grand daughter and for as long as she could walk has been a regular helper in the kennel. Not even the rain put her off and the dogs adore her.

A new arrival on Friday called Stanley is settling in well, he's a bit of a houdini by all accounts but for now we will concentrate on getting his sore feet under control and then hopefully he will be ready to rehome very soon.

Evie went back to the vet on Wednesday, we are now thinking her jaw actually dislocates. That would explain why some days she's in pain and some days she isn't and also why she won't open her mouth too wide as she's probably worked out that will dislocate it. She going in first thing in the morning for further xrays and an anesthetic so we can see exactly what's going on and open the mouth wide enough to see without hurting her.  Watch this space, we'll bring you up to date next week with what we find.

Those on our waiting list may have noticed things have changed slightly on our web site over this weekend. Our "To List" list has become impossible to keep up with so we have changed the way dogs are listed. Applications and Interests will continue to be done in exactly the same way but over the course of the next week you will notice that there will be a massive flurry of new dogs. As the week progresses you should also hopefully notice a few tweaks to the way you can search for dogs so please bear with us whilst we switch between the two systems, but it will be so worth it I promise.

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