A week in Rescue: 13 October 2019

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A week in Rescue: 13 October 2019

It has been an absolutely horrible week, with more deaths that I can remember. So many of our previously rehomed dogs have gone to Rainbow Bridge this week and there's a few we've had to help along the way. It's a side to rescue that so many people don't think about, but it's also an essential part of it. Weather it's supporting a family through those last few days or realising a foster has had enough it's a duty that falls to our volunteers and they have a habbit of happening all in the same week - this week has been one of those weeks so pleases spare a thought to some of our team that have had to deal with a situation which is so emotional it really does take a while to get over - especially when you are being the strong one. One of the things I often say to the volunteers is that "Rescue doesn't necessarily mean Rehoming" but it's hard when so many come along. It was Archie's birthday this week so maybe he just wanted some new faces at his party? Who knows?

So imagine our horror when a recently rehomed neglect case (who looks a million times better than he did on arrival) is taken to a vet who's advice is "Send him back"! What on earth do the vets think we are going to do with these dogs? The ones that are not sick enough to put to sleep? The ones that just need a caring and understanding family for their last few years? Where do they think they should go? I was so upset for the owner and furious with the vet for even suggesting it - he told them the dog will cost them thousands and they'd be better off sending him back to the rescue. Well firstly, the thousands price tag only really applies when vets insist on running every single test imaginable when the vets we've all grown to love have "instinct" - what happened to instinct? Do you really need an MRI or a CT scan? Do you really need expensive blood tests and endless xrays? What happened to reading the symptoms, what happened to common sense, what happened to compassion? When did this become a business? When did peoples pets become an opportunity to make a profit? I can't stress enough the importance of having a decent vet but this is a conversation we shouldn't even be having? What's your thoughts?

To be honest when did it all become so stressful? I'll tell you when - when animals became all about the money and when someone bought a puppy based on it's 8 grand price tag! Yep the first Merle has found it's way into BDR. As the only coat colour that the Kennel club won't register, they end up registered as Lilac and then become part of the bragging party - I drive a million pound car - I own an 8 grand bulldog! As a general rule we don't take Merles, there's no guarantee they are actually bulldogs but on this occassion we have taken him in and will become the "talking point" in an effort to educate - another thing to add to the very long list of things the public need telling - when will it ever end.

Dolly was finally spayed this week, thankfully the mass they saw on the ultra sound turned out to be nothing more serious than deformed ovaries. Bearing in mind how deformed the rest of her is why is it such a shock she's deformed on the inside too. Now all we need for her is a forever home, she's such a character there has to be the perfect family out there somewhere - is it you?

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