A week in Rescue: 14 July 2019

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A week in Rescue: 14 July 2019

Another exhaustingly hot week and not much fun for our residents, but they had a lovely new person in their lives this week as we welcomed another Work Experience girl from the local college. Elise hopes to become a vet so what better way to spend your week then snogging bulldogs. She's learned a lot about a breed that, once in Vet School, will be totally contradicted as she is told that they are all genetic disasters and should be culled. With her help we finally managed to get a good video of Eve's jaw issues. The £200 blood test has ruled out MMA and there was nothing remarkable on her xrays so the plan is (once her vet comes back from her holidays) is to redo these xrays. This is what she does - although not every time which is strange in itself.


She sure is another BDR mystery case. Pain killers have no or little effect and it's not something she does every time she eats. We will continue to keep you posted

Winston will be leaving us in the week as his new mummy passed her home check yesterday but his place is already filled as the dogs queue up for the spaces. It's sad that not everyone is prepared to wait and would rather stick their dog on Facebook rather than wait for professional and experienced help - but as they say - nowt as quere as folk!


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