A week in Rescue: 15 September 2019

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A week in Rescue: 15 September 2019

What a weird and wonderful few weeks it's been since I last posted. We very very sadly lost our Hilda, the mammary tumour was terribly ulcerated and she was running a high risk of sepsis. When your dog is ready to go the end is often a blessing, so many times I have seen that look of thanks as they slip away but Hilda was not ready, not by any stretch of the imagination. Dispite an ulcerated tumour that was so infected there wasn't an antibiotic strong enough in the world to cope with it, pain that must have been excrutiating (even though she never once let on) and the fact she was far too weak and old for surgery - not to mention the almost certainty that she was full of secondary tumours - she didn't want to leave. In all my years and in all the put to sleeps I've done in that time, HIlda's was most definately the hardest one of all. I hope she's forgiven us as we had very little time to come to terms with the speed it all happened as of course we then had the final arrangments to sort out for the 22nd Annual Bulldog Picnic. Our second one at Lodsworth and yet another amazing successful day.

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Somehow packing and upacking all the bits for the Picnic I managed to hurt my elbow, but instead of getting better it's getting worse. What started as a pain in the boney part appears to be spreading down my forearm. However, someone told me today it was Tennis elbow - a much preferred option to the broken arm I had convinced myself I had, it's a pain though, everything I do with that arm hurts so it better hurry up and do one!! On the bright side though this years event took an amazing 9 grand!!!! The best total ever so thank you to everyone that came and made the day so wonderful.

And of course I've not helped myself as we gave the kennel area a much needed make over this weekend so we'll hold off on any photos for the time being. We've removed one of the indoor kennels and made the area into a kitchen area, so much more homely for our new arrivals but it's not quite finished as there's still a few cabinets to put in and some of the cupboards don't yet have doors, but we did give the outdoor area a spruce up. We now have artificial grass in the pen and we've tarted up the kennels. All we need to do now is give the place a lick of paint and it will look like new again. It's hard to beleive that areas of this kennel are over 20 years old