A week in Rescue: 16 June 2019

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A week in Rescue: 16 June 2019

Published a day early as tomorrow is my birthday and I am determined to have a day off. I love my job but sometimes the constant demand on my time is draining, Friday night for example - just going out the door when someone decides that now is the time to get rid of the dog. I will never not help someone but it turned what should have been a relaxing evening with friends that we haven't see for a long time into another mad dash to get ready and out the door. So many people now have bulldogs and so many of these people have made massive mistakes in getting one in the first place - beleiving the lazy dog hype that is often portraid in the press which often couldn't be further from the truth.

It's been a long week, horrendous weather which never helps and just the yuk feeling that goes with being so so tired. Both Winston and Trevor have had visitors every day this week too which of course the dogs love but it wears me out. Plus it was Picnic and Calendar Comp launch week which made the days even longer. The photos that are already coming in have really cheered me up though and there's still plenty of time to get your dog entered - just see our Picnic Page and follow the link to the calendar comp event page on FaceBook.

This will be our second year at Lodsworth. There's some lessons learned from last year and we've gone back to the original charge per person as the charge per vehicle caused some complications. We are keeping the pre booked ticket system though to speed up the gate entry again - so download your tickets here and make sure you watch your email for your proof of purchase too as you will need to show both at the gate. You can also of course pay on the day: £3 an adult, £1.50 for children aged 10 and under or a family ticket for 2 adults and 3 kids is a tenner. Stall places are booking up fast too, it's looking like its going to be another major bumper event and we can't wait to see you all again.

Image may contain: dog and indoorSo just a quick check in this week, I'm off to bed and plan to sleep in for as long as the kennel dogs will allow (which if Evie has anything to do with it will still be very early). Evie is our new baby and we are trying to get to the bottom of why she has pain in her mouth. Xrays have shown nothing tooth wise but that it could be a trapped nerve in her neck. She's a week on pain killers now but is still showing sensitiviy around her neck so we'll go back to the vets in the week and see what the vet thinks. She's also got bad demodex but we havn't yet started that treatment yet as we don't want to stress her out by hurting her lifting her in and out of the bath. She's got a voice though and does this really sad low howl. We will keep you posted on her progress and you can meet her over on our face book page

Meet Evie:


So until next week, have a great Fathers day to all our bulldog Dads out there and enjoy your weekend










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