A week in Rescue: 18 August 2019

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A week in Rescue: 18 August 2019

Summer is over half way through and apart from a few real hot days, the rest has been a bit of a wash out. We are only 19 days away from the Picnic and we are hoping beyond hope that the weather makes up it's mind soon - somewhere in between would be perfect so if any one knows the Bulldog Friendly weather dance - feel free to perform it as many times as you like.

We are a couple of weeks into our new listing system, I was sent some iFrame code to split the dogs back into areasG but I'll be honest - it don't work - well not for me anyway. I will keep working on it but meanwhile keeping on top of the never ending list of dogs that need going on the web site is so much quicker AND it happens in real time as each dog's file is attached to the web listing. We've had to tweak a few bits over the last few weeks but hopefully it is proving to be user friendly. If you have any suggestions or critisms please do not hesitate to let us know, we can only guess from this side if any of it isn't working.

Keep your fingers crossed for me next week, Carrie is having a very well deserved week off and little ole me will be doing both jobs. Thankfully there are just the 3 girls here at the moment so it's shouldn't be too difficult as we managed to get the dear (not so) little Stan to his new home yesterday. A 7 hour round trip to Margate was so worth it for his perfect new mum - wish him luck - not that he will need it. His new mummy has had dogs from rescue longer than I've had a front door key and Stan will be a great addition to her photo collection of dogs that go right back to the 70s.

It still never easy walking away though, no matter how much you know it's the best thing

Good luck Stan the Man, it was an absolute pleasure knowing you xxx

So if I'm still alive in a weeks time - see you next weeks

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