A week in Rescue: 19 May 2019

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A week in Rescue: 19 May 2019

So we are gearing up for the Scooters that are due to decend on us later today (Sunday) and we have full coverage of that event in next week's blog once we've had time to count up the money. It a great day and we usualy expect about 300 scooters so we can't wait

Back to this week though, it's been another strange week, my daughter called me on Tuesday afternoon "Are you Busy" were her first words. "Always" was the reply. "A dog has been hit by a car, it's screaming and I don't know what to do". I grabbed the first aid bag and jumped in the van, traffic was already building so I had to drive the wrong side of the road to get the scene which was only about half a mile away. The dog had stopped screaming by the time I arrived as the shock had clearly kicked in. The fabulous passers by had covered her in a blanket but said to me that there was a gushing leg wound. We bandaged that up but you could clearly see she was hanging on in there by a thread so we had no choice but to scoop and run to the vet. My daughter had already called ahead and they were waiting for us. Getting her onto the stretcher was the hardest bit, she was Domerman (who I later found out was called Tia) and quite heavy so sliding her back along the tarmac on the stretcher was all we could do and then tried to carry her as carefully as we could to the van. The vets was literally 3 minutes away but on arrival and opening the van it was clear she had gone. We helped carry her into the vets and helped clean her up only to discover that the poor baby had 3 broken legs (one totally shattered), several wounds that fitted being dragged under the van that hit her (who did stop and was absolutely distraught) and a little cut on her head by her eye. It was also clear though that there had been some internal bleeding and in hindsight dying was quite possibly the best thing for her. It didn't stop it making me feel totally like crap though, my daughter said she went under the van and rolled out the other side, there was so much blood and it wasn't until afterwards that I realised that I was totally covered in it too. Run free Tia, we really did try but you were too badly broken up.

A couple of days later I got a lovely call from her owner to thank us for trying, but it wasn't the thank you that helped, it was the simple fact that I could talk to the owner and tell him myself how sorry I was that we didn't save her. I hope they are OK, the lovely nurses at Woodlands bandaged all her legs up so they couldn't see how badly injured she was and I was really worried because my Grandkids were in the car with my daughter who was directly behind the van that hit her, but thankfully they didn't see it unfold in front of them, although at one point my Grand daughter (who loves working in the kennels here at the grand age of 6) did shout from the car "is the doggy OK GaGa" (GaGa is what they call me - they know me so so well)

It's been quite hot this week and not suprisingly we have a few calls about bulldogs biting - please be careful when it's hot, the dogs become hot and bothered and in turn that makes them grumpy, please teach your children to give the dog space when it's hot, it does not mean you have a vicious dog, it just means the situation was handled wrong and too many dogs end up being sent to Rainbow Bridge because they felt they had no option in what is naturally a fight or flight situation.

Here at rescue we've already dealt with our 100th bulldog for 2019, I for one will be so releived when this popularity boom finally fades, the problem is we continue to get the fall out for at least 5 years after so I guess there's no chance of us being out of a job any time soon and it sure does take its toll, as part of Mental Health Awareness week we have welcomed on board to our team of Volunteers a Mental Health first aiders who's sole role is to keep an eye on us all and provide a point of contact to talk through anything that has been particularly difficult. We've always taken the mental health of our volunteers very seriously so having a dedicated volunteer on board will hopefully prove to be invaluable.

So, until next week when we should hopefully have full coverage of the Bulldog Ride Out I bid you a lovely Sunday



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