A week in Rescue: 1 September 2019

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A week in Rescue: 1 September 2019

Image may contain: 1 person, child, shoes, tree, outdoor and nature22 years ago we were preparing for the 1st ever bulldog picnic. We held it in our back garden and raised £92.00. Next Saturday we will be hopefully recovered from the 22nd event. It has become the single biggest bulldog event on the calendar and I'm very proud of all our volunteers who have each taken a role and made this day the success it is and we all hope to see you guys there on Saturday. Check out our event page to get your ticket

As we celebrate the end of the Summer, the only time of the year we dare take any time off. Each of us take a week each during August as we rely on everyone else doing the same. The pattern shows that when the kids are off school people tend to not think about rehoming their dogs. However, the dreaded Q word that must never be uttered will be totally shattered come next week especially if the weather gets colder and people's minds turn to Christmas - yep that's next folks!

However the week ended with tragedy as my own bulldog Hlda lost her fight with cancer aged 10 and a half. Stan is lost and as a family we are just floating around feeling numb. Subsquently it's hard to write this weeks blog so I hope you undersand if I sign off early.

Next week (fingers crossed) we will be reporting on another wonderful picnic - see you there?

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