A week in Rescue: 20 October 2019

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A week in Rescue: 20 October 2019

Well the week actually started with some good news!

Sadly, the other supermarkets have said they will continue to sell fireworks but maybe next year? If your dog suffers with fireworks going off, there's some great advice being given on our Supporters Page

Including a home made Thunder Shirt which can be made from any bandage type material

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These work because they make the dog feel secure, a tight t-shirt will also work  - here's Anna's tips regarding firework night

Anna Strowger
Admin3 October 2017


•If possible !! Make sure your dog has been exercised and fed before the bangs start.

• Keep your dog inside and keep the curtains or blinds closed so you can block out the flashes as much as possible.

• Have the TV or radio on to mask some of the noise.

• Don’t anticipate your dogs fear. If you are cooing over them and waiting for them to be scared then you will only make matters worse. This doesn't mean that you can't talk to them or touch them, just be calm and at ease about it.

• Play with your dog or do some little bits of training to keep their mind off of the noises.

• Make your dog a ‘den’ area with lots of blankets for him to dig into. If you have a cage, then set it up and cover it with a blanket but don’t shut the dog in. I know dogs that seek out some very unusual places to hide, one hides in the bath and another squeezes in behind the TV so just make sure the area is safe for you scared dog.

• Do not punish your dog for his fear, he can’t help it, but you should also avoid praising your dog for it as well. Remember our dogs do not understand what we are saying to them and will see any type of reassurance from us as reinforcement for their fear.

• There are some herbal medications and products that you can get for your dog to help them cope. Dorwest Herbs Scullcap and Valarian or Valarian compound are my first choice when it comes to nerves and fear but if your dogs reaction is extreme then speak to your vet about something stronger

Have you ever thought about helping us as a foster home? We put out a recruitment appeal this week which you can watch here if you are interested


As well as the lack of space, we found ourselves with another humungus vet bill - we were a bit late running our September run but the total is a colossal 6 grand for 22 dogs!!! We still have our GoFundMe account which is in place especially for help with our vet bills and you can find that here if you would like to help us out:

Don't forget next Saturday is our first BDHQ meet up so if you are in the area please let us know if can come along or find the details here:


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