A week in Rescue: 23 June 2019

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A week in Rescue: 23 June 2019

So the rain has been replaced with a heat wave. The good old British Weather really is a law unto iteself, but can I please just take a moment to repost our "What To Do" video - please take a couple of minutes to watch it here:


You may notice we're a day late, it suddendly dawned on me that despite having 2 years to earn my SQP CPD points this was actually my last weekend to reach my target. I do this every time and every time I promise myself I will do the courses as they appear instead of cramming the recordings at the very last minute - guess what?? Sunday was spent cramming the recordings at the last minute but fingers crossed I've done enough as the alternative is to resit the AMTRA exam which to be honest I'm far too old to remember everything now.

So what have we got up to this week? A new arrival here at the kennel called Mabel, she's got a skin problem at the moment and needs to put on a few kilo's but she's lovely. We collected a little dog from Portsmouth as Georgia collected Mabel from Birmingham and then met at Oxford Services to exchange dogs. It must look so dodgy as we take one dog out of each car and put them in the other car. Dear little Nellie has gone to Tom's to have a melting ulcer looked at and Mabel is back with us to get her skin sorted.  My grandaughter made me laugh this week though, she loves helping in the kennels and on Sunday night she was helping me to do the dinners. On going down the line of kennels she asked "Who's this one?" so I said - "oh that's Mable, she's new and hasn't met you yet" To which she went up to Mable and said "Hello Mable, I'm Star". then put down her bowl of food, gave her a pat on the head said night night and shut her kennel door. It's all just so natural for this little 6 year old. She has helped at the kennels pretty much since she could stand up, she probably know her way around a mop and bucket better than I do

Evie has been back to the vets, although the metacam has taken the edge off the pain there's clearly still something not right in her jaw. We are now waiting on Blood Test results for a muscle condition - we will keep you posted on our Facebook page as it happens

Here's the latest:


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