A week in Rescue: 24 November 2019

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A week in Rescue: 24 November 2019

Sorry if you tuned in last week and found no new entry, but I spent all of last weekend getting the Christmas shop on line. I managed to catalogue and list over 100 seperate items and hopefully they will make someone great stocking fillers. If you've not taken a peek yet please feel free to browse in our CHRISTMAS SHOP and hopefully you'll find something you absolutely love.

To be honest funding Bulldog Rescue is becoming an increasingly up hill battle. I am so upset at the spiralling cost of current vet bills and I'm sure you've heard me say a million time - when did vets forget why they became a vet, but I think even that has changed. Almost all of the established small practice vets have now been bought out by corporate companies and the sudden hike in prices isn't anything to do with individual vets anymore - it's their corporate bosses that have seen a way of making vet practices the next big money making business. We've seen it with Estate Agents, Energy Companies and plenty of other businesses who suddendly became more focused on the profit than the customers. I'm seeing so many of these practices staffed by young vets - thrown in at the deep end because they don't demand the same salaries as the original vets in that practice were getting. They are not permenant fixtures any more and it's almost impossible to strike up a relationship with a vet because often the next time you need them they've gone. But worse than this the increased trend for Out of Hours vets who's prices are even higher. If your dog gets poorly in the middle of the night you're screwed and a simple overnight care can quickly spiral into thousands of pounds. There was a time when you could avoid referall vets but for the general practice vet that's now money for nothing and it's true to say that almost all veterinary care is now priced out of most peoples reached. So it came as no suprise when after the second out of hours emergency in one week we found ourselves in a position of where on earth are we going to find the money and the result, as you know was the Five Grand Challenge BUT the next day I found myself brooding and to be honest just got myself angrier and angrier - not because this could result in me losing my hair but because it suddendly dawned on me "why the bloody hell should I". For the past few years things have changed so dramatically in the veterinary world that the cost of treating an animal is increasing almost by the day. Out of hours vets who cash in on animals who get seriously ill at unsociable hours, corporate companies buying up the small family run practices and then pricing them out of everyone's reach. We struggle to pay our vet bills already which currently average between 3 and 6 thousands pounds a month, but 2 big emergency bills on the bounce is a serious financial blow for a charity the size of ours. So this fund raiser will pay this bill and it's all alot of fun - but what about the next emergency or the one after that. What happens when we can't afford to pay a bill at all? It is so unfair especially when we all work such long hours trying to help as many bulldogs as we can in a climate of greeders and chancers - but then to realise that the only people actually benefiting from our hard earned fund raised cash is the corporate vet group at the end of the chain? How is that right?

It's didn't have the entire desired effect though when a previous BDR infamous Troll decided to use the situation to try and create trouble. Some people just can't help themselves but as I said then - put your money where your mouth is and see how serious I am about shaving my head!!! Although so far it's just over it's first grand, with another 4 to go before Christmas day so there is a chance my hair is perfectly safe

So as we head into December it's all becoming a little bit Christmassy and that includes the annual rise in dogs that families want gone before Christmas. The hatches are battened so wish us luck

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