A week in Rescue: 29 September 2019

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A week in Rescue: 29 September 2019

The weather is crazy! One minute it's boiling hot, the next it's blowing a hooli but there's one dog here who absolutely loves the wet weather and is happiest playing in the puddles in the pouring rain. Known as Dolly Pops (when she's being cute) or Dolly the Destroyer when she's ripping chunks out of the fence. She's a terrible chewer and has so far totally destroyed a plastic paddling pool, a plastic watering can, numberous toys and fence panels have all gone to the big rubbish tip in the sky a little peice at a time. So when she started throwing up earlier this week, with a very high temperature of 39.8 and a reluctance to put any pressure on her tummy we were convinced there was a little peice of paddling pool stuck somewhere along the way.

Xrays showed nothing so she was given anti sickness meds and sent home with strict instructions to eat nothing but gastric dog food (the fence was happy), however, an ultra sound did see a mass under her kidney so keep your fingers crossed as she going back on Thursday for further investigation. She has very irratic seasons so at the moment we're thinking something ovarian - we'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, I've got tennis elbow WTAF!! I don't play tennis but boy it hurts. It's my right elbow too so the chances of resting it are pretty much zero! Any tips welcome, I did try strapping it up but I had an allergic reaction to whatever the strap was made from. Bright side - I'm learning to do loads with my left arm LOL

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