A week in Rescue: 3 November 2019

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A week in Rescue: 3 November 2019

Just when we thought we were getting our finances under control we get hit with 2 massive emergency situations 2 weekends on the trot! Last week a Splenic Tortion and this week a newly signed over baby girl called Buffy who's Bladder stone surgery has landed her in hospital with peritonitis!! The two bills are already at £5,000 and it's going to go higher as Buffy will require at least another 3 nights hospitalisation and that's assuming she makes it as it's touch and go - the bill has to be paid regardless. SO in my wisdom (some might call it stupidity) I've set a challenge - the 5 Grand Challenge!!! If this Just Giving Page hits £5000 by Christmas Day I will shave my head!!!

It's been up less than an hour and it's at £300 quid already - people really do want to see me make a total fool of myself ha ha ha ha

We went ahead with our BDHQ meet up yesterday (Saturday 2nd November) and after cancelling last week we decided that this week it would go ahead no matter what. It was a terrible day, torrential rain, crazy winds but we did it. Thank you to the lovely people and their bulldogs that came on our little ramble through the woods - and to Marie Chandler for taking these photos:

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Plans are already underway for our Christmas walk and Santa Paws event:

We hope you can join us and we hope the weather is kinder too. Our first walk raised a fabulous £100 so thank you xxx

I hope your dog isn't too traumatised by the fireworks this weekend, if you haven't done so already I would really appreciate you signing this petition - I know it comes up every year but we need to keep trying so if you wouldn't mind, this is the link:  THANK YOU


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