A week in Rescue: 6 October 2019

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A week in Rescue: 6 October 2019

As we rapidly head towards our 3300th Bulldog - 10 years ago we were marking the 1000th. We helped 1000 bulldogs in my first 8 years, which was an average of 125 a year, By comparison 3300 bulldogs in 18 years is 183 a year an increase of 46%. Floydd featured in both the local and the dog papers as a celebration of what we had achevied - I never thought I'd still be here 10 years later, but the Floydds of this world keep on coming.

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Lots of people have asked how Dolly Pops is and I'm releived to be able to say that the mass shown up on the xrays turns out to most likely be ovarian cysts. She's booked into be spayed on Wednesday so that should put an end to her erractic seasons. I don't think it was connected to her sickness bug - I think that was just a coincidence and we've stumbled across this by mistake - but at least it's something we can help her with. It would be wonderful to find her a fabulous new family though, she does love it here but I'd like to think that someone, somewhere out there could offer her the home she so desperately needs. The last bulldog we had like her was of course Roger


And, despite it taking 18 months, he ended up in the most fabulous home. I got a photo of him this week which really made my day

Something else that happened 10 years ago - Thanks to some very generous donations we got the van!!! Every year in October it's due for it's MOT and I go into melt down because without that van I'm not sure we could do the mileage we do. First up it's 10 years old, and 2nd it's a diesel - rules on diesel engines have changed somewhat when it comes to the MOT but despite all that this week and the baked bean tin only went and passed with flying colours​. We can breathe for another year at least

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