A week in Rescue: 9 June 2019

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A week in Rescue: 9 June 2019

As promised last week, here's the link to the reports for our AGM that was held last Saturday: AGM Year End Reports

They make grim reading with regard to finances and you will note the theme that runs through every report is that it's not an increase in the number of dogs that is  draining the funds, but a nationwide increase in Vet Costs. I really do not know how we can deal with the problem, with so many vets selling out to corporate companies gone are the days when you could walk in to see your friendly vet and ask an opinion - now it's all non commital and needing referrals and MRI scans on conditions that the vet knows what it is - experience of seeing things day in day out has to count for something? But protocal dictates that they have to go through a check list of treatment because that's how the computer system is set up. I took one of my own dogs in recently, she has a large hard lump under her teat. She's 10½ and there's no way she's going under. She survived Ovarian tumours a couple of years ago and there's a very good chance this is secondary to that - but whereas my old vet would have had a squeeze and gone "oh yes that's worrying" or "oh no that's nothing to be too concerned about" I was offered tests and scans that involved an anesthetic. We have all agreed that we won't put her through any treatment but vets are so keen to spend your money. Is this because of insurance? is it because they are now businesses and the emphasis is now on profit over care? I don't know but a conversation with an insurance rep earlier this week confirmed that they too have the same issues. Every claim is now for thousands over the hundreds it used to be so whilst the corporate vet companies rake in the profit, the likes of rescues, insurance companies and the every day pet owner struggle to do the right thing because they simply can't afford it or even get a sensible answer out of a company so afraid of being sued.

Unfortunately, the wake up call meant that I have had to finally stop resisting putting up our admin fee. It's always been £5 and has been since it was introduced over 10 years ago, every Trustee meeting I'm asked to increase it and every Trustee meeting I manage to keep it at £5, but now it's obvious that things cannot continue on the same path and we need to do something to cover our increased outlay. The admin fee is something we do simply because of the breed we handle, a breed very popular with those looking for fight bait the idea was always that by paying to become a member showed some commitment but I'm really not sure how it is going to be received. We will have to wait and see. The fee increases to £7.50 from Monday but your membership does get you regular contact and free postage on anything purchased from the The Bulldog Clinic

Our May month end showed that we were asked to help 21 bulldogs - an increase of 9 dogs on the same period last year. The Expenses run (which is paid a month in arrears) showed our volunteers had travelled 1400 miles and donated 655 hours during April 2019 and at the risk of sounding like a stuck record - these people really are the hard working cogs in the wheels that make up this rescue and words can never express our gratitute towards their support and loyalty.

Without our volunteers Evie wouldn't be with us. Having gone into a rescue in South Wales, it was soon obvious she had something seriously wrong with her mouth as it was too pain full to open it. A fund raiser for her treatment has brought in an amzing £1700.00 so we have had xrays done and are about to start treatment on her severe demodex. It's looking likely that she has a trapped nerve in her neck so she's on pain killers and anti inflammatories and we will keep you updated on our facebook page. She's a little bit special already

The week began with some very hot weather - I've realised that if you want to make it rain, put out some information on how to deal with overheating. We released this short video earlier this week and it's rained every day since, but please watch it because it is due to warm up again and once these things are in your brain there's a good chance you will remember it should you need it.

You can view the video here:


So until next week, enjoy the weather​




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