Why is getting a bulldog from Bulldog Rescue so...

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Why is getting a bulldog from Bulldog Rescue so bloody difficult?

Mmmmm yes it is - and here's why



Not everyone that applies to rescue centers actually wants a pet to love and look after forever. It has become sadly common in this country for people to get dogs from rescues to use as fight bait!! What's fight bait? Well, the dog will be tied up, have it's mouth taped shut and put in a place whereas a fighting dog can practice on it! So as you're moaning that the process to get on our list is so long and complicated, just think about this ...... if the only reason you are trying to get one our dogs is so you can do this to it .... think again because those that think this way will never make it to the end of our process!

However, rescue centers are not the only place these dogs can be picked up. Free to Good Home adverts has everyone involved in rescue squirming as those words echo out of the computer screen. Did you know that the nice kind person who came and took your dog and promised to look after it for ever and ever may have had this in mind? Yes it's easier to place a quick ad on line, I know there's such a terrible stigma attached to using a rescue organisation but be honest - would you rather your dog ended up in a real good, vetted pet home or spend the rest of your life wondering if that person, who seemed so nice and kind, is actually taking good care of your dog?


Norm was rescued by Randy Grim from Stray Rescue of St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Over the weekend of the 22/23 September a Red and White bulldog bitch was found by the side of the road in Driffield, Yorkshire covered in bite wounds. She was so badly injured she had to be put to sleep, her rear leg was hanging off and she was still alive. No one yet knows if she was a victim of a Free Ad - but can you really take that risk?

DO NOT USE FREE ADS - Use a Rescue Service!!!!!


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