Possible delivery methods: + Postage 7301, Adoption Application Admin Fee 4002, ., VOLUNTEER: Internal Sale, Paying the Adoption Fee for my dog 4003, General Donation 4000/4001, Consultation Fee 4400, Collection from event or from kennel 4400, EVENT TAKINGS 4500, PAYMENT RECEIVED 3200, Return to Owner (Claimed Animal) Fee 4003, Auction Payment 4401, Breed Club Donation 4301

Please either Print and Post this page

TIN NUMBER: _________

I have broken the seal of this collecting tin in the presence of   _________________________________

And have counted the contents which amount to  £________________

Signature of Witness: __________________________________________________________________  

You can pay by either

  • Put the amount to the nearest pound in the quantiy box below and click Continue
  • Or By BACS into Barclays Bank Account 30683582 sort code 20-20-62
  • Or direct to our bank account by using the pre-printed paying in slip
  • Or by Paypal into account

If you are paying directly into our Bank or Paypal Account please then click here to inform us immediately   
WHAT NEXT - Print this page to post:

[   ] I have returned the tin
To: Kathryn Harrison
40 Stamford Grove
Cheshire SK15 1LZ

[   ] I have kept the tin for future events and understand that I must inform Bulldog Rescue as
to when I intend to use the tin again. This form should then be sent to
Bulldog Rescue
PO Box 18
West Sussex GU29 9LD
Please tick the one that applies and then print and return this page
SIGNED:   __________________________________________________


Or complete this form - Don't forget to click Submit and then make sure you complete the amount and click Continue to complete this transaction (Can't see the form? Click "Classic View" Below and turn your phone on it's side)

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