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DO076-HARVEY - Please Sponsor Me

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Harvey is ten years old and has only ever been with one owner.  He was very confused on arrival and did not have much appetite.  He is a lovely old boy who has improved greatly since he arrived. He does not like to be left alone. He likes to be in company with people and dogs. Harvey is showing signs of dementia and due to his difficulty in settling into foster care the decision has been made to keep him with us until the end of his days.


FOSTER NOTES: 31-1-17: Harvey has continued ear problems but has improved with antibiotics. We are in london staying with family and he is very relaxed with other dogs and children around him.

FOSTER NOTES: 24-1-17: Apart from Harvey suffering with his ear infection, he is still following me everywhere around the house and does not like to be left alone.  He continues to be a sweet stubborn old boy!!!

FOSTER NOTES: 16-1-17: Harvey has had very problematic ear infection. He has been in much pain and is now on anti-biotics to try and alleviate his pain. He does appreciate a nice soothing ear massage and a walk out to take his mind off his pain. Bless his little heart!!!

FOSTER NOTES: 9-1-17: Harvey's ears continue to be painful at times for him. He has ongoing eardrops and all I can do is massage his ears gently when he is in really bad pain. He knows I am helping him, a dear old boy.

FOSTER NOTES: 2-1-17: Harveys chest inection has cleared up completely and has drops for ongoing ear infection.  Harvey is happiest strolling in park and gets upset if his routine is changed in anyway whatsoever!!!  His ears still trouble him but on the whole he is so much better.

FOSTER NOTES: 20-12-16: Harvey is much improved with his infection. He is still on antibiotics and has continued drops for his ear infection. He is still being prompted to eat. He does not want to go out too much or for long. He is my little shadow!! But much improvement from last few weeks.

FOSTER NOTES: 12-12-16: Harvey has been very unwell with chest infection and ongoing ear infection.  He has improved greatly with the help of anti biotics. He is a very sorry looking boy with his permanent runny nose!!! He continues to be my shadow and does not want to go out very much. Although he is prompted with treats!!!

FOSTER NOTES: 5-12-16: Harvey is very sorry for himself at the moment as he is unwell. Full on runny nose and chest infection. He has also displayed some signs of being a bit senile bless him. He does not want to go out at all at the moment and is in his bed in the warm. He is on anti-biotics for 10 days, hopefully this will help him get better.

FOSTER NOTES: 28-11-16: Harvey has an ongoing ear infection and has also shown some signs of dementia the last few weeks.The dear old boy still likes to get to the park but absolutey has to go the same route every time otherwise he gets very confused and wont move!!!

FOSTER NOTES: 7-11-16: Harvey has been very upset with the fireworks and also coming off the steriods has been a bit shaky. But he continues to be a lovely old boy. Harveys way or no way!!!!! His ears are ongoing problem and will be checked at vets tomorrow.

FOSTER NOTES: 17-10-16: Harvey did not like the steroid treatments. It did not agree with him. He is now tapering off them thankfully!! He is having a daily earflush. His ears have improved slightly

FOSTER NOTE: 10-10-16: Harvey is currently on steroids for his serious ear infection. This is not very pleasant for him, making him hungrier, thirstier and a bit skittish.  He is having a check up on fri to see how he is doing so far. He continues to have anxiety when i leave a room or he cannot see me. He has become a very popular boy at the seafront cafe!!!

FOSTER NOTE: 3-10-16: Harvey has been prescribed steriods for his very bad ear infection. He is doing well with this although a much bigger appetite than normal. When he is clearly in pain with his ears he still remains a lovely old boy. He attended the bulldog walk and mixed well with the other bulldogs.

FOSTER NOTE: 26-9-16: Harvey has an ongoing ear infection which requires further vetinary treatments. He does not like to he left alone. He is still good natured even when he is clearly in pain.

FOSTER NOTE: 19-9-16: Harvey has had a very painful ear infection. Vet cannot even see inside them as they are so swollen. Harvey has had some sleepless nights in pain. Poor old boy let me put cold press on his ear to comfort him. He continues to be a sweet old boy.

FOSTER NOTE: 12-9-16: Poor old Harvey has been in awful pain with an ear infection, which the vet has prescribed meds for him.  He continues to be very insecure about being left alone, even in the next room. The meds have helped his pain. He will have a check up on weds.

FOSTER NOTE: 5-9-16: Harveys appetite is improving very much. We went to London for a few days and he did not settle at all. He was very stressed and only relaxed when we arrived home. He still follows me everywhere and does not like to be left alone. He is very charming old boy who just at his loves wandering along the seafront or in the park.

FOSTER NOTE: 29-8-16: Harvey continues to be a lovely old boy. I took him away for the wkend and he was extremely stressed when we went to bed. He did not like  being away from his routine. I took his bed and stayed in the same room. He was happy to be home and still follows me everywhere!!!

FOSTER NOTE: 24-8-16: Harvey continues to worry if I am not in his sights. He is happy strolling in the park and minds his own business. He does not want to be left alone and also has to be tempted to eat. Such a loving old boy!!

FOSTER NOTE: 15-8-16: Harvey continues to follow me everywhere!! We attended TOWIE in Peacehaven where Harvey met lots of other dogs. He tends to get picked on and just hides behind my legs!! He is continuing to grow in confidence at home. But will not sleep until he is sure I am not going anywhere. lovely old boy!!

FOSTER NOTE: 9-8-16: Harvey continues to be a really sweet boy who follows me in every room even when he is almost asleep, he jumps up. Does not like to be left alone. Harvey has been with me for 8 weeks now, but is still having anxiety of being left.

FOSTER NOTES: 3-8-16: Harvey is a delighful senior boy. He is still following me around. His ears are better. He does not have much appetite. He is happy sauntering in the park and having his ears rubbed. After being with one owner for 10 years. He most definitely does not like to be left alone.

FOSTER NOTES: 25-7-16: Harvey does not have much appetite and is happiest when he is with people or on a walk. He has taken his time settling in to his new home.

FOSTER NOTES: 21-7-16: Harvey is settling into a routine slowly but surely. He loves the park but hates the lead!! At his Happiest strolling and peeing!! Harvey is very stubborn and I had to hold the traffic up as he refused to continue across the road!!! His ears are clearing very well and he seems a lot more settled with love and patience and treats !!!

FOSTER NOTES: 5-7-16: Harvey is a lovely old boy. Seems very fazed with his move into foster care. He plods along very slowly when out and if he does not want to walk he wont!! Patience required!!

FOSTER NOTES: 27-6-16: Harvey is a lovely old boy but is still very unsettled. I am with him most of the time. He has barked and cried when left. He cannot seem to settle and finally falls asleep exhausted

FOSTER NOTES: 21-6-16: Harvey is a nice old boy, walks very slowly and stops and starts when he decides!! He is still settling in. responds well to sit, bed ect. Not interested in toys. Very amourous with humans!!




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