DO354-BEAU (Fat Pav) Please Sponsor Me

DO354-BEAU (Fat Pav) Please Sponsor Me

oldiesrockREF: DO354

I  am a 10 year old, red and white castrated male. I'm a bit deaf and have one dry eye. I came into rescue in May of 2016 when my family were evicted from their home. I went to the kennel at Midhurst which was OK, but the beds were a bit hard and the food could have been better. I was offered a foster home which was much better for me, but due to my problems it was agreed that I could stay as a perment foster. I now have a lovely sofa, some great new friends and fantastic vet. You can catch up with me on many of the TOWIE events as I've been renamed Paverotti, although that has already become Fat Pav due to my colossal 37kg weight problem!

Love Fat Pav


FOSTER NOTES: 23-6-16:

Had an amazing week with Fat Pav!!! His personality is really starting to come out now. He's starting to play with toy's and is partial to a ball which obviously doesn't last long because he rip's them to shreds!!! He's made himself well and truly comfortable on the sofa and takes up most of it now so we all have to squeeze on around him! He also managed to fine his way upstairs and onto my daughters bed, as you can all imaging it was a mammoth task to get him down the stairs and thank god no one could see me!!! This weekend Fat Pav is going on tour with Team TOWIE to his first fund raising event in Ascot to celebrate the queens birthday!! We had a pleasant surprise at weight watchers this week as well....... Another 1.3kg off bringing his weight down to 34.6kg!!!!! See you all next week gang111  We Love Fat Pav and we cannot lie!!!!


FOSTER NOTES: 15-6-16:

Pavarotti has arrived in Essex and is settling in so well!!!! He's great with my other dog's although Miss Ruby has told him off for getting too close to her fairy a few times..... He just ran away! He's had a lovely week meeting and greeting everyone, so far he's been to the pub twice and made his first appearance at our TOWIE walk! Monday is weight day....... He's a big ol'boy so ideally we'd like him to shift a few pound's and we must be doing something right because he dropped 1.1kg ?

Welcome to Essex you special old boy........ I promise you your going to have THE best life ever

We love Fat Pav and we cannot lie?




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