DO383 - FOGGY - West Midlands

DO383 - FOGGY - West Midlands


Foggy is 8 years old, he is a fawn and white male, currently in the NG  postcode area of the West Midlands

VOLUNTEER NOTES: Lovely Foggy, finds himself looking for a new home after a circumstance change at home. He is deeply loved and they are very sad to be in this position, particularly after he has done so well in their care. He had a very tricky start and suffered skin issues which are now fully resolved. Heneeds a family with older children as his one
and only vice is he likes to hump strangers ..I would like to immediately add that he stops immediately when you use a water spray, and that is either dominance or
nervousness. It was great to see that behaviour instantly controllable, a new family will need to stick to their guns and insist on good behaviour, and also bare in mind that this
behaviour may take 2 weeks to settle when he moves, as it did when he moved to his current home.. He has exhibited no other dominant or aggressive behaviour
whatsoever. He is easy to look after and is excellently behaved and calm with his family. He is very unsettled in a crate and so a new family should have a nice kitchen
for him to sleep in at night.He doesn't attempt to get onto the furniture or up the stairs, and adores being groomed,having the hairdryer on him and when the mood takes him,
being hoovered! He isnt really in to walks but short ones are fine,and he is excellent on the lead,walking to heal. Foggy is not a fan of cats, and prefers to be the only dog, so
no cats or dogs at home please. Are you Foggy's forever home ?



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