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Hi Everyone, my name is Charlie and I arrived at Heathrow Airport in a wooden box. I had lovely owners but they were moving from Dubai to Spain and didn't think it was fair to take me with them so they sent me back to England for Bulldog Rescue to look after. I had to spend some time in boarding kennels first as I was a bit fat and the vet said I wasn't fit to fly, but after a couple of months Sue and Tania picked me up from the airport - but I can't say I was very pleased to see them.

Then to make things worse the airport people forgot to give them my special Bear. I went back with them to the kennels, but I was very sad so they decided I needed a foster home. I now live with Karen - she is so lovely and looks after me so well, but it took me a long time to recover from my adventure so they all agreed I could stay with Karen for the rest of my life as they don't think I'd cope with anymore moving around.

Oh and guess what!? Heathrow posted me my bear xxxx


16-6-17: Charlie is a lovely, big teddy bear.  He has a soft nature.  He gets along well with my own dog and on the odd occasion will play with her, but this is extremely rare.  Charlie seems happy.  He does not give much back and prefers to be in a room by himself.  He tends to move away from any of us and will sit quietly in another room .  He has on occasion played with soft toys/ball - but this is extremely rare, preferring to be on his own.  He doesn't really respond to cuddling/stroking and will walk away to be on his own.  Charlie however loves his walks and food.  This is when he comes to life and display excited behaviour.  Charlie is a lovely, lovely boy, he is gentle and does not want much from us at all.  My family all adore Charlie and he is very good with my young children.


22-11-16: Charlie is a lovely, quiet, calm boy.  He is taking his time to warm up to us, and tends to want to be left alone. He responds well to cuddles, but will never ask for any.  He has made some progress and we have seen him playing a few times, but generally, he is quite reserved.  He is eating well, and absolutely loves his walks.  He needs to lose weight and regain his fitness levels and we are again doing this slowly as he can become quite breathless when out on walks.  He is a lovely boy but needs time to settle.

29-11-16: Charlie is taking  a while to settle.  We see little bits of Charlie every now and then, but I think he is still bewildered and a little depressed.  He does loves his walks and he loves a tummy rub, but he doesnt ask or want anymore than that, so we are just taking things very slowly and at his pace.  We are almost having to retrain him as he does not respond to commands.  He loves his walks, but can be very stubborn so needs to be watched very closely so that he does not wriggle out of his collar/harness

16-1-17: Charlie is a wonderful dog.  He is docile, quiet and does not expect anything from us.  He came to us a little bewildered and was very quiet and preferred to sit alone away from any noise.  He is slowly warming up to us - but I feel it is going to be a long process.  Charlie very rarely plays and tends to sit still for long periods of time.  The rare occasions when he does play, he is like a huge overgrown puppy - he doesn't know his own strength either.  His fitness levels are improving and the one time he really comes to life is when he goes for a walk. He loves his walks, but we are teaching him to stop pulling on the lead.  He can also be a bit stubborn and sit on the floor refusing to move.  Again, we are working on this with him.  Charlie is scared of most noises, he hates motorbikes and will sometimes chase traffic up the road.  If the kitchen area is noisy, Charlie will go to another room so he can sit quietly.  He would need his own space away from noise.

7-2-17: Charlie is a lovely boy.  He is docile and can be very nervous and jumpy around noise.  He loves his food and walks - these are the times he is at his happiest.  I feel that Charlie is still a little wary and bewildered and it is taking a long time for him to trust.  He generally sits around all day, but on rare occasions, he turns into a little puppy and plays beautifully.  However he does not know his own strength and he can be a little boisterous at these times.  He is wonderful with my children and very placid with my dog. He would need a quiet home, with someone with the patience to let him do things in his own time.  There is much to Charlie than we have seen so far.





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