DO433 - Emily - North of England

DO433 - Emily - North of England



Emily is approximately 4 years old. She is a red and white bitch currently in the SK postcode area of the North of England

Emily has had a shocking and unkind start to her life. She needs a calm home, where someone is home all day , leaving her for only for an hour or so. She is untested with children (fine when meeting a bulldog savvy 6 year old and very friendly but as we have no history we have to say no young children) so older children 12+ needed. Her home must be a calm one prepared to work patiently on her housetraining issues , and a home with a lovely garden and lots of time for her, what she deserves.. She is a wonderful girl and is coming on leaps and bounds now she has been rescued and passed onto BDR xxxxx

20-3-17: Emily is a lovely girl very happy to sit in her bed by the fire loves filled bones and will happily play with one in her bed .she needs a home where she can potter in the garden and have short walks .

13-3-17: Emily is no trouble at home she likes to sit in her bed by the fire or play with her toys . She likes short walks or pottering around the garden . She is fabulous in a car

27-2-17: emily is doing very well has gained weight and just likes short walks or going in the garden she is fabulous in a car .she loves just sitting in the house near the fire.

20-2-17: emily is a lovely girl does suffer from dry eye in one eye has visco tears .excellent in a car .does have limited mobillity due to being ? caged for a long time likes short walks and loves a garden

13-2-17 Emily is a lovely girl who just needs love a warm bed and a garden to potter around in she is no trouble she's happy as long as she's warm and fed and dose like company.

6-2-17 Emily is a lovely girl who obviously has been un cared for in the past. She likes short walks and is fabulous in a car. Emily would like a little garden to potter round in.

23-1-17 Emily is in need of her own and fireplace she's had a very sad life and treatment up to coming into rescue. She likes to sleep in her bed Byrne fire and potter the garden and short walks as she does have some mobility issues due to her previous treatment.

16-1-17 Emily is still awaiting her new home she just needs a warm bed, a garden to potter on and lots of love and security as she was abandoned.

9-1-17 Emily is a lovely girl she's a older dog and likes to sleep by the fire and have short walks. She loves food and her bed.

19-12-16 Emily is a lovely girl in need of a warm fire to sit near and short walks. She would love a garden to potter around in but is best suited as a only dog.

14-12-16 Emily is a lovely girl dose need a lot of love and care as she has not had a good start in life. She just needs a warm bed and short walks.

5-12-16 Emily has had a poor start in life and is awaiting her new start where she will be loved and spoiled. She dose appear older in her ways and mobility but is a lovely girl who travels fabulous in a car and just needs a little love and special care.

28-11-26 Emily is a lovely girl does like human company doesn't like to be left for long and sometimes back if she gets anxious. She has viscotears in her eye once a day as she appears to have sight dry eye. She is a excellent in a car.

25-11-16 Emily is a lovely girl who has not had the best treatment in her life so just needs a calm loving home where she can potter around the garden and have short walks. she has a slight touch of dry eye so would benefit from visco tears daily

14-11-16 Emily is a lovely girl in need of her own bed by the fire  she has not seem much love up to coming in to rescue so can you be the one to spoil her as she needs.

08-11-16: emily really needs her own fireplace to sit near she loves company so is best suited if not left for long .she has put on weight slowly and has a slight touch of dry eye so has visco tears daily

3-11-16: Emily is desperate for her new home as she wants her own bed near the fire and someone to spoil her could that be you ?

24-10-16: emily is a lovely girl in need of some loving care she likes company and would benifit from not being left on her own long.she needs to gain some weight but all she needs is a warm fire to lie besides and love .emily has improved with house training but this still needs to be continued as she may have accidents in the home if she cant get outside.

19-10-16: Emily is a good girl well behaved but does need company . She can be left for short periods is fabulous in a car and likes short walks . Emily loves a garden but likes you to be with her .she does have the odd accident in the home but is improving .

12-10-16: emily is a lovely girl she can walk short walks but loves the garden .emily likes human company and will sleep by your feet doesnt like to be left long and will bark if she knows you are in the house and she cant get to you .lovely well behaved girl who needs some loving care to help her gain weight and confidence

4-10-16: emily is a lovely girl she needs to put on some weight .she is good on a lead and is fabulous in the car .she can have accidents in the house or her bed sometimes but she is improving.emily does like human company and would be suited to a home where she can be with her owners most of the day as she can bark if she hears you in the house and cannot see you or get to you.

26-9-16: emily is improving daily she is more interested in her surroundings and loves to be in the company of people.she is very loving but does get anxious if left on her own through the day .she can now go for short walks on a lead which she is liking.excellent in a car.



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