DO688 - RUBY - East England

DO688 - RUBY - East England


Ruby is a 2 year old, red and white bitch, currently in the PE postcode area of East England

8-5-17: Ruby's character has come through this week, she is wonderful with people but is dominant over and intolerant of other dogs if they get in her way. She really dislikes GSDs and if the gate is open a touch will push her way through. She is a noisy girl too and will bark . She is a lovely girl with lots of love to give, to a dog/cat less home  with older children (12+). Are you her forever family? x

4-4-17: Ruby has shown aggression towards other dogs in the household and should be the only dog. She is used to children visiting her but until further assessment she should only be placed with children over the age of 12.

29-3-17: Ruby has come into rescue as she has attacked another smaller dog in the family home. She has recently had a litter and has never shown any aggression to people. She has settled well , is healthy, has been very well looked after and will be sorely missed. She is used to visiting children of all ages, but we feel 12+ would best suit her in an ideal setting. She needs a home with no dogs or cats and someone to dote on her. She is a beautiful girl, are you her forever family? x



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