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Hi everyone, my name is Niall and I’m in Bulldog Rescue.  I wasn’t sure what was happening to me when a very nice man and lady picked me up and took me on a long car ride.   We stopped in a car park under a big tree and this other lady gave me cuddles, put me in her car and that was the first day of the rest of my life….

After a very long time with lots of stops (I don’t like the car very much) I was given a big fluffy bed, dinner and lots of cuddles.   A few days later I was looked at by 2 people I now know were vets, they shook their heads and gave me cuddles.   The next day I went to meet  Uncle Sandy, I’ve no idea what he said to my new mum as I’m deaf but their mouths were moving.  I went back to see Uncle Sandy, Mum kissed me and dripped water from her eyes all over me.  I don’t know what happened but when I next saw mum my eyes were very sore and I was wearing the ‘’Collar of Shame’’.

I quickly realised if I sat quiet, with my head down, mum gave me cuddles and treats HAHA.

We went back to See Uncle Sandy, who smiled, cuddled me and told mum I had the worst

Entropion, Distichiasis, Epiphora, Trichiasis and Trachoma he has ever seen.

I’ve been spoiled for the past few months, my favourites are… getting chin scratches, walking in the water down the beach and treats.

Last week Uncle Sandy told mum ‘’I was fixed’’ (didn’t know I’d been broken) and could find a new mum and dad…

Well there is a few things they will need to know about me… I’m 3 years old, a messy eater, bark when I see things I couldn’t see before, Oh!!! Did I tell you I’m deaf ?

Mum is teaching me things called hand signals, she hits herself on her hip so I will follow her (hope it hurts) shakes her finger if I’ve done something naughty (as if I would) and when she holds up a treat I can sit and give a paw (my favourite thing).

I don’t want to live with little children because they frighten me and when I’m sleeping I need to be left alone or I get a fright if bumped.  Mum wakens me up with gentle scratches between my ears and I like that.

Thanks to Bulldog Rescue for saving me and a massive THANK YOU  to everyone on the Bulldog Rescue Auction Group, without you all I would now be deaf and blind. Xxxxx

Luv Niall xxxx





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