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Great idea. Good deterrent.
from on 18/07/2021
I'm happy to help in any form. If the fee helps you all feed and care for these lovely dogs, then it's worth just paying the fee each time.
It's also helps stop anyone not serious about adopting.
Great idea! Helps support the Bulldogs and stops just anyone applying
from on 17/07/2021
Very happy to pay. Contributes to a great cause
The admin fee is easy to make the payment and its a great idea ..........I believe your all angles and doing such a great job on saving and helping them poor British bulldogs
from on 24/05/2021
You are all great and caring after the best interests in these babys . And helping them from abuse. . Over breeding. Neglect. And just from homes that the family's are unable to keep there dogs for all sorts of reasons your doing a great job . I my self went to buy a British bulldog puppy from Scotland. Buy I knew all the owners saw in the puppy's was money . And not from a loving family . I belive all dogs an cars should be spade n neutered other than official breeders . And responsible owners who only have the the dogs as part of the family as that's what they are really. P.s. no I didn't buy from the breeders in Scotland this was over ten years ago now . I've had dog myself there my family and pRt of the family sadly died now after years ago shih tzu male and female but we had our dogs done so they couldn't breed . Keep up your excellent work you do
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