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First of all, thank you very much for your support. This page is so you can register your event and also lists a few guidelines that will help you make the arrangements for a safe and happy event.

First of all, please do not use the names "Bulldog Picnic" or "Bulldog Day" for your event as these are both well established fund raising days


Where to hold the event

Ensure there is ample parking and preferably near to public toilets. If you plan to use a local cafe or pub it's wise to give them some warning to ensure they have sufficient refreshments in stock for you.

Try to keep the route short and on flat ground, some dogs/owners may not be able to go too far so having the start and finish at the same point means that they can wait for the rest of the group to arrive back if they don't feel up to completing the actual walk

Make sure the route doesn't trespass on private land and if using council land ensure there are no bye laws regarding large gatherings. Ensure you keep dog's on the lead where signposted to do so and pick up properly after your dog, putting the bags in the dog waste bins not normal litter bins.

Ensure there is access to clean water or take your own with you to discourage the dogs from drinking from stagnant water

Walks held in local parks often need permission from the park ranger and/or the local council.

When to hold the event

Check the list of registered events to make sure yours doesn't clash with anyone or that it is occurring shortly before or after another in your area

Try to avoid the Summer months unless you plan to meet up of an evening when the weather is cooler, ensure you take supplies to deal with any problems or ask Bulldog Rescue if they can supply a local Canine First Aider

How to publicise the event

Facebook is an excellent way of publicising the event as this will also give you a clear idea on numbers, particularly helpful if you plan to use a local cafe or pub

Once registered the event will also appear on our web site

What else do you need to know

You will require public liability insurance, if the walk is 100% in aid of Bulldog Rescue you are able to use our insurance policy, you will be emailed a copy once you have registered your walk. You can use it again on future walks but ONLY if they are also held for Bulldog Rescue and they MUST be registered with us in advance. If you are not donating the full amount to Bulldog Rescue (ie: you are splitting the money with another charity) you will not be able to use our policy and will need obtain insurance independently. This can be arranged via and typically costs about £30. If you decide not to have Public Liability Insurance it will be at your own risk, Bulldog Rescue will not be held liable for any accident or incident that occurs at your event. 

If you are planning to hold a collection on public land you need to seek permission from your local authority - you also need to be aware that it is illegal to physically shake the tin at anyone.

You must register the event with Bulldog Rescue, this will also help ensure that walks don't clash or are held too close together in the same area, if your walk is not registered in advance you will not be able to use our insurance certificate.

Collecting tins must be sealed during the event and must be opened in the presence of at least one other person who needs to validate the amount counted from the tin. The takings can then be banked into the bank account we will give you when your walk registration is confirmed. You cannot collect money for any other charity in our collecting tins and doing so is illegal and doing so is considered fraud under the laws of this country.

Bulldog Rescue support the Yellow Dog Project. With a large gathering of bulldogs it's important that owners are aware of which dogs they can approach. You can purchase ribbons for a £1 donation to the Yellow Dog Project here - these can be sold on if you wish as a fund raiser or given out to people who's dogs need space

STATEMENT FROM THE EDWARD FOUNDATION: "Due to insurance limitations, the Edward Foundation are unable to share donations or funds raised from Bulldog Rescue walks and events. We have agreed with Bulldog Rescue that people are able to do a single raffle in the name of EF but ALL proceed from a BDR registered walk/event must go to BDR"


Once your event is registered you will be able to order Flyers, Banners and Tins and/or Items to sell on your stall Sale or Return

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If you are holding a fund raising event you can order a Fund Raising Pack here

The pack is free but there is a £5.00 returnable deposit to ensure we get the banners back for future use

The Pack Includes

  • One Banner
  • 20 flyers
  • 1 Collecting Tin with seal
  • 1 paying in slip to bank your takings

Sale or Return stock can be ordered here using the Sale Or Return Payment method at check out


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