Neutering Policy

Much is made of "Neutering Policy's" amongst rescues. At Bulldog Rescue we have a slightly more scientific approach.

  • We do NOT whip it out - or cut it off because the dog has found it's way into a rehoming scheme. Instead we taylor each case to it's own individual needs.
  • All dogs must be Spayed or Castrated at some point during the process but it's not necessarily the case that it will be whilst the dog is in our care.
  • All dogs leave with a Neutering Voucher for 100% of the cost of the proceedure and there is a 6 month limit on the period in which this has to be done. This allows each dog to cope better with the journey through the rehoming process and ensures they are settled and happy before being put under any further undue stress.
  • We do not advocate spaying bitches at any other time except between seasons and we will not castrate a male under the age of 18 months old as this can have an adverse effect on behaviour.
  • If the dog is old, sick or has an ongoing health issue that could be affected by being anethatised we will advise the new owner to not have it done but Bulldog Rescue will always be aware of which dogs are affected
  • Bulldog Rescue WILL check to make sure it's been done within the time period and ensure the dog is fit and well enough to undergo the proceedure beforehand
  • Our rehoming process is very strict, we know who has each dog and during the selection process the likelihood of the new family not complying with this policy would be taken into account

To date no dog from Bulldog Rescue has ever been bred with.