If your email continuously bounces we will add you to the Bounce List and your Customer Group will change to BOUNCING. If you are on this list please contact us via

Why am I bouncing?

1) Your email address might have been entered wrong (gmial instead of gmail for example)

2) Some email providers block our notifications and mail outs as SPAM - to try and prevent this from happening to you please make sure you have the following email addresses on your white list / safe list or in your email contacts:


If you do not receive notification of payment or activation firstly check your spam filter and mark any email in there from us as "not spam" if it's not there you will need to add the above addresses to your safe list/contacts list.

If you still don't get our updates you will need to ask your postmaster@emaiprovider to ensure our emails get through to you

Email addresses likely to bounce are: - - - - - - -

If we spot you are bouncing we will change your Customer Group to "Bouncing" to find out just log into your My Account

If you receive a message with BOUNCE TEST we are testing your email address - just reply Got It please