Upon a dog being placed in your care there will be a 7 days settling in period after which you are required to sign and return the terms of adoption or return the dog to Bulldog Rescue. Please familiarise yourself with these terms as Bulldog Rescue reserve the right to sue any one that knowingly breaches this contract


In consideration of Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust (hereafter referred to as “the Centre”) granting me the right to rehome the dog described (without warranty) on this form, I hereby undertake that I am doing so subject to the following conditions:

  1. The Rehomer shall accept full legal responsibility for any loss, injury or damage sustained by or to a third party caused by the dog.
  1. The Rehomer undertakes that he is not a dealer in dogs nor an agent for such a dealer
  1. The dog shall be kept by the Rehomer as a pet and shall not be used for vivisection, for experimental or stage purposes or for breeding
  1. The dog shall be kept in a domestic environment except where the Centre gives permission in writing for the dog to be kept elsewhere
  1. The dog shall be housed, fed, watered and exercised to the Centre’s satisfaction, and shall not be kept permanently on a chain or tether
  1. The Rehomer shall be responsible for the welfare of the dog at all times and shall not cause nor permit anyone else to cause the dog unnecessary suffering
  1. The Rehomer shall abide by the requirements of law relating to dogs, and shall notify the local authority, the police, and the Centre immediately in the event of the dog going missing
  1. The Rehomer shall register the dog with a qualified veterinary surgeon within one month of rehoming, and shall obtain qualified veterinary treatment promptly in all cases of accident or illness. Furthermore the Rehomer shall ensure that an appropriate regular programme of vaccination, worm and flea control is maintained to the approval of his or her veterinary surgeon
  1. In the event that the dog has not been neutered at the time of rehoming, the Rehomer will arrange to for this operation to be carried out within the timescale agreed with the Centre, and in consultation with their own veterinary surgeon. The Rehomer will provide confirmation that this has been done, and hereby grants permission for his or her veterinary surgeon to disclose the dog’s case history if requested
  1. The Rehomer shall notify the Centre of any change in address and any significant change in the accommodation so that assessment can be made for suitability for the dog. The Rehomer shall also notify the Centre of the dog’s death
  1. The Rehomer shall not part with possession of the dog without the prior permission of the Centre, except in cases of veterinary emergency as advised by a qualified veterinary surgeon. The Centre shall, by arrangement, accept any dog it has rehomed at any stage of the dog’s life, should it become necessary
  1. The Rehomer hereby irrevocably grants the Centre access to inspect or examine the dog at any time subject to rehoming, should concerns about the animal’s welfare arise. The Centre reserves the right to reclaim the dog should there be any breach of these conditions of rehoming, or should the Centre believe it to be in the best interests of the dog
  1. Whilst the Centre takes every precaution to safeguard the health of all dogs in their care, it is impossible for the Centre to guarantee the health and temperament of each dog, and no warranty can be given or implied in respect of the dog. As from the date of this agreement, any costs of any legal, veterinary or other advice or treatment in respect of disease or defect shall be the sole responsibility of the Rehomer, and the centre strongly recommends that the dog is kept insured with an appropriate specialist insurance company
  1. The Rehomer understands that in the event of the dog being returned to the Centre, donations are not routinely refunded

Should you experience any problems with this dog you must contact Bulldog Rescue immediately. If you collected this dog directly from his previous home you must NOT contact the former owner as they have surrendered their legal right to us. 

Please inform Bulldog Rescue immediately:

  • In the event of the dog’s death
  • In the event that this dog escapes from your home or is lost or stolen
  • If you have this dog microchipped or tattooed at any time so we can make a record of his identification number (only applicable if not already done)
  • In the event of any major surgery or illness
  • If you move house or permanently leave the UK