The Proceedure



  • Firstly, please complete our on line application form, or call us to have one posted to you
  • Once your application has been received you will then be placed on the waiting list
  • You can then apply for dogs by visiting our Homes Needed page
  • Once registered you will also receive an email notification when new dogs are listed in your area that you match with
  • If you are selected for a specific dog we will contact you directly and then send you the dog's profile detailing what we know about him/her
  • If you accept the dog we will then send a volunteer out to see you for a brief chat and a formal homecheck
  • Upon passing the homecheck you will then be able to visit the dog, either in his home or in one of our foster homes or at the main kennel in West Sussex. Who ever is currently looking after the dog will contact you to make the final arrangements to visit.
  • You can take the dog home from this visit and you will be asked to sign for the dog. Bulldog Rescue will send you formal adoption papers within 7 days by post for you to return to complete the adoption process, ownership of the dog does not legally pass to you until the adoption process is complete.
  • At no time are you permitted to sell the dog or give him/her away to a third party, any failed placements MUST be returned to Bulldog Rescue


  • You will have the life long support of the charity for the rest of your bulldog's life
  • The bulldog selected for you will match your home perfectly and it will have been fully assessed
  • Your bulldog will come with 5 weeks free insurance
  • You will receive a full printed file of everything we know about the dog including previous medical records where available
  • We have a dedicated private FaceBook group for all our adopted families to support you through the settling, the training, the baggage and the end
  • Every dog has an allocated volunteer to support you through the process
  • We have a 24 hour crisis line and berevement support
  • We will stay in touch with you on a monthly basis and will be available 24/7 for you to contact us
  • All our dogs must come back to us if there is any reason why you can't keep your Bulldog Rescue dog
  • We will share information with you where possible about the breed including Kennel Club, Breed Council and Veterinary updates and offer several Educational services
  • Above all we care very much about all of our dogs and their families and look forward to welcoming you into the fold


Obtaining a bulldog through rescue does not mean you will get a free bulldog as we do request that all adopters pay an adoption fee to allow our service to continue.  Our adoption fees vary in accordance with the dogs age and is currently:

  • Dog aged under 1 year: £500.00
  • Dog aged 1-2 years: £400.00
  • Dog aged 3-5 years: £300.00
  • Dog aged 6-8 years: £150.00
  • Dog aged 9-10 years: £100.00
  • Dog aged over 10: No charge

Wanting a bulldog does not necessarily mean you will get one. Every dog will require a different kind of home and we make every effort to ensure we get the right home first time. We do not operate on a first come first served basis, every dog will stay with us for as long as it takes to get the perfectly matched home.

We almost never have puppies - the majority of bulldogs looking for a new home are between the ages of 3 and 7 and may not be "perfect". By taking in a rescue bulldog you may be required to also accept the baggage he could bring with him.

You will not be allowed to breed or show your rescue bulldog, nor will you be given any KC paperwork.

You will need to complete an application form before your name can be placed on our waiting list, subsequently, before a dog can be placed with you, you will receive a home visit from one of our volunteers

Upon a rescue bulldog being placed in your care you will be required to sign an adoption form agreeing to never sell or give your bulldog to a third party, if at any point throughout the rest of your bulldog's life you cannot keep him, we will take him back or arrange further re-homing for him. The dog will remain rescue property until the adoption process has been executed. All placements are made with the view that the arrangement is permanent.

We do not operate our waiting list on a first come first served basis as every dog that comes up for rehoming will have his individual needs assessed so we can attempt to find the right home for that dog and his own particular needs. These dog may be in the main kennel in West Sussex, in one of our foster homes around the country or they may still be with their current owners, depending on the current situation for that dog.

We cannot tell you how long you will be on the waiting list for as it depends on what dogs become available, where they are and their reasons for needing re-homing, being on the list does not guarantee you will even get a bulldog, the demand far out ways the supply as thankfully this breed does not have a serious rescue problem. Your name will be removed from the list after 1 year.

 We encourage all our rescue families to stay in touch with us and to ensure that un-neutered dogs are spayed or castrated as soon as is practically possible, Bulldog Rescue will pay for this proceedure providing it is done within 6 months of the adoption date.

Where possible all dogs will be microchipped and the number will be automatically transferred to you on adoption, in the event your dog is not chipped you will be required to do so immedicatly it is now law that all dogs are microchipped

You must be over 18 and be a permanent resident within mainland UK

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