Missing Bulldogs

Report Your Bulldog Missing

Please tell us the microchip details here - we will flag the dog in our system as stolen and contact you should it come through the Rescue or Rehoming system at any point in the future.

Flag My Dogs Chip

You can give us your dogs chip number here. We can update it if necessary and flag it in our system in case your bulldog ends up with us in the future




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You must - by law

You must initially check the dog for a collar tag and/or microchip and if possible return him to his owner as soon as possible.

If you are unable to identify the owner you must inform the local Dog Control Officer, who’s details will be listed at your local authority under Environmental Health. They will most likely come to collect the dog from you or if out of hours may request that the dog be taken to a designated kennel. The Police are no longer responsible for dealing with stray dogs.

You must not keep, sell, rehome or abandon the dog without informing the authorities.

Finders are able to request to keep the dog if the owner is not found within 7 days but are required to keep the dog for a minimum of 28 days (failure to comply is a criminal offence) and should be aware that they may be required to relinquish the dog should the rightful owner be found, even after a 28 day period in some cases.

Otherwise dogs that are unclaimed after 7 days will be either sold, rehomed or destroyed by the local authority.

STRAY DOG LAW ... Lost a dog?

You must immediately
  • Inform the police and make sure you get an incident number
  • Inform the microchip company so they can flag the microchip as a missing dog
  • Inform the local dog warden or dog control officer in case he comes through the council system as a stray
  • Inform the insurance company who may be able to help with the cost of advertising your dog as missing
  • Inform all local vets and rescue centres and give them the microchip number so they can scan any new bulldogs for the chip
  • Inform Bulldog Rescue so we can circulate the details of the missing dog straight away and flag the chip number on our own system
  • Get the local media involved, local TV and Radio stations as well as the local paper can spread the word very quickly
  • Put missing posters up in prominent places - Doctor and Dentist waiting rooms are the obvious choice, but also playgrounds and schools - kids talk!

One thing that many people are not aware of is that you only have 7 days in which to claim a stray. In some cases the dogs are put to sleep at the end of that period, in others they are released to rescue centres or rehomed, so don’t waste time, inform as many people as you can as quickly as you can.