Michelle Woodman

I am a Trustee and a volunteer for this wonderful Charity. When volunteering, I do home checks, Home visits, Temperament testing, foster dogs, help with transportation of the dogs, and fund-raising. I am also an Administrator on our main Bulldog Rescue web site, assisting with the inputting of vast amounts of data. I am an Administrator on our Bulldog Rescue Supporters page, I give advice, Moderate, and add the new members to the group.


I have owned Bulldogs for well over 30 years, or should I say they have owned me!!!!! I absolutely adore the breed, I could never see myself without one, by my side. They are a very complex breed, and after all these years, I am still learning. Since being a part of rescue, I have gained more knowledge, and more experience. I have had first aid training for dogs, and have given a dog CPR and saved its life. Something I never thought I would of used.


I live in Gloucestershire, in the country. My working background was in management, Director of limited company and ran my own business. Rescue has been the most challenging and hardest, but the most rewarding, to accomplish.



I do foster a variety of all Bulldogs, some of which, have been heart breakers. I foster all the Bulldogs suffering seizures, for Bulldog Rescue. This is a very upsetting condition for the Dogs and Owners. Over the years, I have cared for so many dogs having seizures or epilepsy, I have a special interest and extensive knowledge in this field, and give advice to other owners, that find themselves in this position.


I donate so much of my time to this charity, not only for my love of the Bulldogs, But for the fantastic work Bulldog Rescue does, for each and every dog. I am proud to be part of the team.

Michelle Woodman