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Lots is being said recently about the Breed Council and much of it has been assumption because to be fair most Bulldog Owners are totally unaware they even exist. Well they are a group of volunteers, made up of Breed Club delegates and sub committee members who act as a liason between the breed and the Kennel Club

Consulted on matters that relate to the future of a breed, the Breed Council is where items for discussion are taken so Breed Club Secreataries can take them back to their clubs. Used properly this set up of a Breed Council is the perfect place to ensure everyone that cares about a breed can make informed and sensible decisions.

Bulldog Rescue has for a long time been one of these Observers and several members of our team are on Sub Committees including our Chairman Vicky who is coordinator of the Health Committee and myself who recently joined the education committee which is efficiently led by Lorraine Watkins.

Both these Sub Committees are increadibly hard working and between them have ensured that we have the knowledge to fight the breed haters, without this group of people there would be no health testing, no education regarding the Bad Breeding practices that goes on - especially amongst the Fad Colour breeders and there would never be any improvement when it came to breed health. Vicky regularly attends Kennel Club meetings about our Bulldogs, she attends the Brachycaphalic Working Group meetings and advices regularly on PR matters relating to our breed. Along with Leiza Handey she has worked very hard to improve the breed's health BUT it can also feel like we are banging heads because there are still many many bulldog owners out there who assume that:

a) The Breed Council is only for Show people

b) The Breed Council have no powers to make a difference

c) The Breed Council is a clique of self important people who can't change nothing

Well that opinion can only survive if you let it, as Bulldog owners it's important we help to raise awareness of the Breed Council. BDR are hopefully the bridge between the Show owners and the Pet owners because it is equally important that both sets of owners unite and support the breed we all love. Every breed can have one and each one will only be as successful as the people that support it. So .....

  • If you care about our breeds reputation
  • If you care about our breeds future
  • If you care about our breeds health
  • and above all

Support the Breed Council. You can find out more here: or take a look at the Facebook Notice Board here

Please also take a moment to read this document collated by Vicky Collins Natrass: What is the function of a Breed Council for any Breed? (PDF download) which not only dispells some of these myths but goes into great detail as to what it's really all about

The Bulldog Breed Council can be found Ringside at Crufts and always have a stall at Bulldog Rescue's annual Bulldog Picnic Event.

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