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BEHAVIOUR: Chewing By Tania Holmes


The bulldog designed kitchen is very exclusive you know; only the most select of us are worthy enough to afford a kitchen designed specifically by their bulldog and if you tell yourself that enough times you'll believe it! Bulldogs can be chewers and their favourite material is wood, chair legs, skirting boards, cupboard knobs and coffee table corners are favourites and I know of many bulldog homes where all their kitchen furniture is made of stainless steel! If you need to leave your dog for long periods of time you will soon notice the chair legs resemble apple cores and the square coffee table is slowly forming a round shape. In some cases bitter sprays will work but not all of them and in persistent chewers you have to be sensible and have a safe area for your dog whilst you are not home, either in the form of a crate or a stair gate across the utility room will suffice but puppy pens are also a good way of segregating your dog from items you do not want chewed up.

It's important that you have toys your bulldog likes. It's also very important they cannot chew their toy to bits in seconds. Kong toys filled with peanut butter or a puzzle ball filled with their breakfast are excellent ways of keeping your dog amused whilst you are out of the house and remember puppies go through a teething stage just as human babies do and if you don’t provide an alternative or separate them from items you don’t want destroyed you are asking for trouble. Again we remind you not to give rawhides though, they tend to be chewed to a long slime which your dog will then attempt to swallow and there have been a number of incidents where bulldogs have choked on these.


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