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Sign up now and bulldog rescue will inform you if a puppy you have bred comes through the system. Many many breeders ask us to let them know if one of their dogs comes up for rehoming and it's not always possible to do so, either because we don't always remember who's asked, or we don't get the registration papers and are therefore unable to tell who bred that dog.

This scheme simply asks that you supply us with the microchip numbers of each puppy (or adult dog) that you sell and in return we will inform you if that dog is ever subsequently put up for adoption at a later date. All you need to do is tell us the chip numbers (we don't need to know the registered name or the name of the owners) and of course encourage the new owners to use Bulldog Rescue in the event they are unable to keep him at any time. There are still a few bulldogs gifted into all breed rescues and RSPCA centers and it would be impossible for us to track these. Also be aware that since September 2011 Battersea no longer send their bulldogs to us

It's worth knowing that just because your contract of sale asks for the pup to be returned, very few owners do. With the legal possession of that dog transferring to the owner as soon as money changes hands the breeder has no legal standing to force a puppy to be returned. This scheme gives you (the breeder) first refusal to take your dog back, or at the very least ensures you are aware that he has moved.

We can also flag the chip numbers of any dog reported missing or stolen making it much easier for us to watch for that dog should it come through as a stray.

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