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Changes to breeding regulations in England

New regulations on dog breeding in England will be live from 1st October. There are no changes to breeding regulations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. A number of significant changes are being made, which are summarised by the Kennel Club HERE

The aim of this page is to allow breeders that care about what they are doing to safely advertise their litters and for members of the public who want to find a breeder who does it properly. We will not accept adverts from breeders that do not meet the criteria required for the advert or who are selling any dog of dubious colour or background.


Why use Bulldog Rescue to advertise puppies?
Our criteria for advertising is very strict, we will not advertise any litters that are not from Breed Council Health Tested Dams, that contain non recognised colours or dogs from a commercial breeder or puppy farm. We also encourage people to give us feed back about the breeders to help us when accepting adverts in the future.

Bulldogs are lucky in so far as we have a very active and supportive Breed Council



Bulldog Rescue will ONLY accept adverts from responsible breeders that meet the following criteria

  • Microchip the pups
  • Health test the parents to Breed Council Standard
  • Sell with a contract of sale
  • Register with the Kennel Club
  • Offer a life Time back up service
  • Do not breed unrecognised colours



Check the KC Assured Breeder List


The information given in each advert is checked before being placed here, ensuring these adverts are from committed genuine breeders who only use registered bulldogs and meet all our criteria