Bulldog Rescue are relying heavily on each party involved in a home from home rehoming to follow the current Government Guidelines

We strongly suggest the families meet in an outdoor space and that the following is adhered to:

  • The existing family should ensure that the dogs belongings are bagged up ahead of the collection
  • The New family should open the boot of their car and then invite the current family to place their dog in the crate/seat belt harness along with any bagged up belongings
  • The New family should then close the boot
  • We strongly advise that both parties wash or sanitise their hands at this point

For the new family when home:

  • When the dog has arrived at your home please try to avoid contacting with other animals
  • Try to wipe down the dog with an unscented baby wipe or dog grooming wipe as soon as possible,and dispose of it properly afterwards ensuring you wash your hands or change gloves.
  • All leads, collars, carriers and other equipment that has had contact with the dog should be cleaned with soap and water, disinfected if possible and left to dry.
  • Any bedding such as blankets should also be washed
  • Please try to fully clean and disinfect all relevant parts of the vehicle used to transport the dog. This will include the inside of the vehicle (e.g. steering wheel, gear stick etc), the area the dog travelled in and some external areas (e.g. door handles) as well as keys.

In some cases the volunteer will undertake the transportation of the dog which will have been arranged with all parties ahead of the collection