Patiently Waiting :)

04/09/2015 16:40

Patiently Waiting :)

Hi we applied and showed an interest in a bulldog on here it was almost a month ago we haven't heard anything but had an email saying we have been forwarded to the rehomer? The dog hasn't been listed as reserved etc either?
D x
05/09/2015 19:19

RE: Patiently Waiting :)


I do not work for BDR but when you apply for a dog the details you provided in your application are crosschecked by an automated system/anilog system and if you are suitable you will be shortlisted and details send to the owner, which in your case this has happened. The owner/fosterer will then go through all the suitable owners and will find the most suitable home for the dog as BDR want to make it a forever home and the placement work first time, this could take sometime but you will be notified the outcome of the decision, if you are successful you will receive a phone call and be referred for a home check or if you have been unsuccessful you will receive an e-mail.

I am sure the owner/fosterer is still undecided or is busy at the moment so do hang in there but there will definitely be someone in touch. I found it useful watching BDR's YouTube channel as they explain the rehoming process in more detail there :)

I hope this answers your question, however I do not work for BDR in anyway so please do check with them as they will be able to give you a more detailed response.