Privacy Policy

Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust will treat all names, addresses and personal information as confidential at all times.

Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust has no access to any Credit Card information unless given to them by telephone by the card holder. All card transactions are processed by SagePay or PayPal and at no time during the process is the charity given access to this information.

Personal details regarding any dog's previous or current ownership will remain confidential at all times

All incoming phone calls are recorded for security reasons and held in a secure system

We report annually to the Charities Commission. A copy of our accounts and Chairman's Statement can be viewed on their web site


  1. Our DPO is Mrs Tania Holmes who can be contacted via
  2. Personal data is only used internally and is never shared with third parties with the exception of: Agria Insurance and then only on the adoption of a Bulldog and only for the purpose of ensuring there is a 5 week insurance policy available on all newly adopted dogs and HMRC for all Gift Aid claims. Personal data is only held as supplied by the inputter following consent for such information to be stored and only for legitimate use within the Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust in order for them to be able to undertake their day to day operations
  3. Details are held in categories in accordance with the purpose of the user inputter intentions. Data is held over 2 separate computer systems neither of which are stored within a static device or computer
  4. Data is never transferred to a third party with the exception of registered volunteers and then only for the purpose of contacting a family for either a Home Check or Home visit and is held within password protected software which cannot be accessed outside of the Trusts day to day operations.
  5. For the "waiting list" category (ie: those that have applied and paid a fee to be added to a waiting list in order to potentially adopt a bulldog from the Trust) details are active for a period of 1 year after which the account is marked as "closed" although details may be held indefinitely unless requested otherwise. Those held as "supporters" of Bulldog Rescue (ie: have donated or made a purchase) may have their details held indefinitley but will be removed on request and within 72 hours of the request being made
  6. To request a copy of the details held on you or to request removal please email the DPO via
  7. Only information inputted by the user will be held, no credit card or bank information is stored at any time and details can be changed by the user via the "user account" for which sign in is required
  8. All members whose details are held by Bulldog Rescue have the right to complain to the ICO if they feel their data has been mishandled
  9. Bulldog Rescue are unable to process any application to adopt a bulldog without the information being supplied and certain information is required in order to process sales for certain medical drugs.
  10. Bulldog Rescue use an automated system for the initial match process on any application to adopt a dog, information used from that point is all available within the public domain and is not necessarily stored by Bulldog Rescue or within the current systems used

Recorded Calls

All calls into the Bulldog Rescue phone system are recorded as adviced when calling. These calls are stored by our service provider for one month, after which they are automatically deleted. Bulldog Rescue may store a specific call if they feel they may need to refer to a conversation at a later date but this is not done as a matter of routine.

JotForm Data

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Safeguarding Policy

The success of Bulldog Rescue is driven by our team of dedicated and passionate staff and volunteers and our loyal and generous supporters. Without them, we would not succeed in our mission to rehome as many dogs as possible.
Whether you are an employee, a volunteer or a supporter, The Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust is committed to supporting and promoting the wellbeing of its staff, volunteers and supporters.
As part of this goal, we aim to maintain an environment where people can raise concerns without the fear of being ignored or judged. This is why we aim to do everything we reasonably can to safeguard and support our staff, volunteers and supporters, going above and beyond wherever possible!
As part of this commitment, we will:

  • Be open-minded and non-judgemental
  • Learn from our experience in order to make continuous improvement
  • Ensure we have robust recruitment and day-to-day management policies and procedures in place, with regular review and necessary updating
  • Ensure we have clear guidelines, good communication and procedures for identifying and managing risk
  • Provide appropriate training and/or awareness raising
  • Encourage the reporting of concerns and ensure appropriate action is taken to address these

In implementing this commitment, we will remain mindful of our duty of care and other legal obligations. This Policy Statement is applicable to all those working at Bulldog Rescue, in addition to volunteers and members of the public supporting the important work that we do.
If you need more guidance on this policy statement, please contact the office via


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How to stop Bulldog Rescue from Contacting you

  • If you wish to be removed from our waiting list click here: Remove Me*
  • To stop receiving any other emails please unsubscribe via the Newsletters page

Bulldog Rescue will never send you unsolicited email, if you wish to be contacted by Bulldog Rescue please tell us here

*Please note you must contact us from the email address we have on file for you or we will be unable to tally the request to your details