Rainbow Bridge

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Painting by Jane Giles

Right now you feel like you will never get over this loss, but I promise you that time is a great healer and although you will never forget, the pain will ease.

Remember, there was an entire life time in front of that final fateful day and those are the days you have to remember. Sit and think of all the fun times you had, silly things like tip toeing around puddles or perhaps your bulldog liked to throw himself full pelt into the biggest deepest dirtiest puddle he could find. It's those memories that make you laugh and those memories that will heal that awful big hole you feel is left in your heart.

Death is not the end, you will meet again and it's nice to think that whatever your religion or even if you have no religion, that Rainbow Bridge has many paths into many afterlives and all our pets will wait this side of it ready to escort us into the next phase. One of the things that often helps our children come to terms with such a sad time is for them to draw your bulldog playing in the meadows at rainbow bridge, with no pain, no illness  and having lots of fun. Ask your child to tell you about what's in the picture and talk about your dog for as long as you can. Talking is a great healer.

Above all don't let anyone tell you it was "just a dog". Don't feel under pressure to stop grieving. Take as long as you need, it's an important process and you need to follow it through to the end - however long that may be.

Do You Need to Talk to Someone? Call Us and press #3 (Leave a message if we can't answer)


In Midhurst, West Sussex, our memorial garden looks it's best during the Spring when the bulbs planted in 2016 to celebrate our 15th anniversary begin to appear.

It is a quiet corner of the garden where you can remember your bulldog in many way:

  • Sit quietly and remember
  • Tie a ribbon at the Arch
  • Leave a wooden heart at the bridge (£1.00)
  • Add charms to your ribbon (£1.00)

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Light a candle for your bulldog

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