The Memorial Garden


The memorial garden began life back in 1996 when our first bulldog Bessie became the first, in what was to become, 17 graves at the bottom of our garden. In 2001, not long after taking over Bulldog Rescue we had to deal with our first sudden death. Not really knowing how to cope, we exchanged Abbey's memory for a beach pebble, this soon became a tradition and over the course of the next 15 years​ the pile of beach pebbles grew. Initially starting life in a plastic bird bath, eventually there were too many to fit and so the idea of a pathway of lives was born.

Each of the 17 graves are marked with a paw print, connecting those paws are the beach pebbles - each one representing a life now gone. Surrounding the path way are 2500 spring flowering bulbs - one for every bulldog we have helped in the past 15 years (2001-2016).

As time went on this small corner became seperate from the rest of the of the garden, in the dappled light under the sycamore tree the area feels peaceful and calm and is a nice place to sit and think about our past dogs. A statue overlooks the bridge and when a special dog passes we light the lantern to guide them safeley on their way.

If you would like to visit the garden please call 0871 200 2450 option 1 to make an appointment. You are welcome to light a candle, leave a ribbon in the tree or just sit and remember. You are also welcome to plant a shrub or leave flowers in memory of your bulldog.