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Customer ratings for EYE SOOTHE

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Very good.
from on 26/12/2021
Have used numerous different eye drops for dry eyes/sleepy eyes in the past. These drops aren't too thick or thin and they dispense perfectly. The effectiveness is really good. Lasts quite a long time.
Need for my baby Bonnid
from on 25/12/2020
OUR Bonnie has dry eye and need drops 4 times a day. This stuff is brilliant and really helps Bonnie eyes.

Bonnie had an eye op (while in foster) and our vet told us she needs drops 4 times a day for life. So we have continuous used this product that came with Bonnie.

Our vet is happy with this product and says the size and price is a good deal - so we have 2 at a time to make sure we don't run out and we buy one every 4-5 weeks.

We have purchased cxl wipes too, as this is the cheapest I have found for 40 wipes. Bonnie has a tight tail and it has to be kept clean or she will end up in surgery for tail removal. The wipes are amazing and so far it's not causing her to rub her bum on carpet - as this causes her pain, discomfort and weeping burns.

Its very easy to buy from bulldog rescue clinic and it always dispatched same day or next day and always arrives quickly.

We cant fault the bulldog clinic on prices, services to the items being dispatched. The rescue also keep you informed by email on your order via email.

from on 30/01/2020
Have used it for several years as our dog has a facial palsy preventing him closing his eyes.They are therefore liable to become dry and ,if not treated to ulcerate .
They have no problems .
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