A week in Rescue: 21 July 2019

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A week in Rescue: 21 July 2019

A quick hop, skip and a jump over to our friends at CRUFFA makes interesting reading this week. I'm not actually sure if the woman is genuine in her mission to educate or if she is now so obsessed that the blinkers are now right over both eyes. Some of her posts border on slander and I really don't know how she's got away with so much. But there was one post that I did find interesting though:

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I'm not going to comment, I think people can make up their own conclusion from these figures - especially the NRC section which I think speaks for itself. She's definately on a mission though and is even holding her own BOAS testing in an effort to bring together every unhealthy bulldog in the universe to prove that all bulldogs, pugs and a miriade of brachycaphalic breeds should all be killed.

Evie is finally back at the vets this week now that her vet is back from her holibobs, we will let you know what happens as the weakness in that side of her face has now also reached her eye. There's definately something sinister going on here - I just wish we could get to the bottom of it. Again, thank you to everyone that is helping us get there, the support you have shown for this little lady is just amazing.

We said goodbye to Winston from the kennels this week. Such a fantastic laid back little man and boy was he popular, 44 families were considered from 67 applications but his lucky new owner was perfect for him and we wish him all the luck in the world in his new life - her certainly looks happy about it all and his replacement is already lined up ready to land.

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Something that did upset me this week, going through the outstanding adoption fees the total came to £5800.00 - that's a months vet bill!! Reminders all sent which is time away from something more useful but it saddens me that when people finally get chosen for a dog they think it's OK to not actually pay for it. I do wonder how people think we survive from day to day without any funding.

So until next week - remember it's going to be a hot one!!!


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