National Bulldog Day

Registered by Bulldog Rescue in April 2024


Is celebrated on the 9th of June every year


What is National Bulldog Day?

Focused around the event Bulldog Day, National Bulldog Day aims to work towards education and fun for Bulldog owners across the globe.

By highlighting the bulldog as a breed we can share stories, dispell myths, organise events and educate bulldog owners across the UK and around the World.

Each year we hope to create a theme, some years it will be a serious subject and others it will be based around fun and the joys of owning such a fabulous breed of dog.

The theme for 2024 is simply - Love Your Bulldog - and we would love to see as many photos of you and your bulldogs as you can send our way. CLICK HERE TO SHARE

Why was National Bulldog Day created?

Established in 2006 by Vicky Collins-Natrass, the Event Bulldog Day was officially handed over to Bulldog Rescue in 2024. To celebrate the hard work that had been done to make this day so successful, Bulldog Rescue registered Bulldog Day as a National Day to mark the official hand over on 9th June in honour of it's founder. Bulldog Day hopes to continue as an annual event for many years to come.