Rehome Your Bulldog


Firstly, please complete our on line rehoming form via the link below

Once this form has been received, together with a photograph of your dog we will be in touch by email to confirm if we are able to help you. Please watch for our email as you may need to respond to it if we can't offer the service you require or within the time scale you need.

Once we have agreed we can help, a local volunteer will contact you in order for us to arrange a visit to both you and your dog at your home. This visit is so we can discuss the procedure with you and so we can meet you and your dog and assess him in familiar surroundings. We will then list your bulldog for rehoming on our web site and send his details to everyone registered on our waiting list in your area that is looking for a dog like yours. Once your dog is listed you will be unable to rehome your dog privately and there may be a charge if the dog is not available at the point of rehoming. We will endevour to keep you informed when each stage is complete via our Status Update page - we will forward you the link to this page once your dog is listed.

Everyone that applies for a dog from Bulldog Rescue must be registered with us on our waiting list. This is to try and prevent people from joining without any thought or with the intention of using your bulldog for reasons we don't permit. Applications are collected over a period of one week after which we will go through the applicants and select who we consider to be the most suitable for your dog, in the event that there are no suitable applicants we will continue to collect applications until the right home is found.

Once we have selected a possible new home we will firstly run back ground checks and then contact the family to offer them your dog. We will then send them your dog's full updated profile detailing what we know about him/her.

If they accept the dog we will then send a volunteer out to see them for a brief chat and a formal homecheck, where possible this will be the same volunteer that met your dog - again we will write to you and let you know we are waiting on a home check.

Upon passing the homecheck they will then be able to visit the dog. It is at this stage that we forward you full details about the home check and the family asking for your approval and permission to release your contact details. Our system ensures that you only have one set of callers at your home and that these people are fully vetted before being sent to meet you and your bulldog, completley elliminating the risk of bogus callers that you could get if you advertised privately

They can take the dog home on this visit and you will be sent paperwork by email so they can sign for the dog and you can complete a formal surrender. Bulldog Rescue will then send them the formal adoption papers for them to return to complete the adoption process. Bulldog Rescue own the dog during this interim period.

At no time are they permitted to sell the dog or give him/her away to a third party, any failed placements MUST be returned to Bulldog Rescue